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Single phase electronic sectionalisers

  • Features

    Schneider Electric single phase electronic sectionalisers, type SAX, are intelligent mechanisms designed to distinguish between temporary and permanent faults that usually occur in overhead MV distribution.

    Main SAX characteristics

    • Automatic air isolation, coordinated with an auto-recloser or circuit breaker.
    • Electromechanical trip, no spare parts are needed. Fire risks are eliminated by the normal chemical striker, which is subject to the environmental conditions.
    • Detection of single-phase, two-phase and three-phase faults.
    • Up to 36 kV.
    • Threshold from 10 A up to 140 A.
    • Opening at the second or third cycle of the circuit breakers or auto-recloser (programmed in the factory).
    • On-load breaking by means of suitable hook-stick.
    • Outdoor service.


    SAX improves network quality and gives continuity to the electrical supply in overhead distribution network, simply and free of maintenance.


    • As an alternative to the fuse cut-out. As it doesn’t depend on fuse curves, overcurrent coordination problems are avoided.
    • as an overcurrent protection device for outdoor transformer centres, mainly in areas with high keraunic level.
    • In networks with lots of faults or with difficult access. It should be installed at the beginning of the branch, avoiding operations caused by transient faults, which are usual with the fuse cut-out.
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