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SisVar International

Calculation and selection of power factor correction equipment

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Selection software for low voltage power factor correction solutions

SisVar International
  • Features

    With SISvar  you can quickly and easily:

    • Get technical information about power factor correction and harmonics
    • Calculate your reactive power needs
    • Select the most appropriate power factor correction solution
    • Quote the chosen solution
    • Create a commercial offer and technical specifications

    To know more about SISvar please download, in the discovery area of this page:
     > the presentation file 
     > the attached file in the download part (software/firmware link).
    This freeware is bilingual (English, French) and proposes equipment from the Schneider Electric international range.

    Please contact your Schneider Electric representative to know if this version is suitable for your country or if a version adapted to your country is available.


    • Easily calculate your power factor correction needs
    • Get the optimal Schneider Electric solution according to your need


    • Dedicated to designers of electrical distribution and Panel builders
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