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EcoStruxure Traceability Advisor

End-to-End Traceability & Transparency

Get a complete vision of your supply chain by capturing and analyzing data from different sources and stakeholders

EcoStruxure Traceability Advisor
  • Features

    EcoStruxure Traceability Advisor is a Solution to provide End-to-End Traceability & Transparency across the Supply Chain in CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) market.
    Traceability allows track & trace the products as they move along the Supply Chain, providing data about their history, location, suppliers, etc.Transparency ensures full visibility on every information related to the product, proving their origin and highlighting information about ingredients, allergens, physical characteristics and other key attributes.


    • Link each end product with ingredient information, building a full supplier mapping
    • Raw material tracking, associating certifications and documents
    • Correlation made between the supplier map and the production parameters, leveraging MES system
    • Converting state of information into a unique code marked on a product to enhance Traceability
    • Track & Trace system to secure the downstream supply chain
    • Build a central repository to share product information from manufacturers (multi-source data) to different retail channels, following GS1 standards
    • Product Food Safety Metrics


    • Farmer’s origin and certification data and associated documents are automatically collected and tracked
    • Supplier map provided, showing Tier 2+ suppliers
    • Identify incriminated products (defects) resulting in a product withdrawal (recall) with a clear localization in the supply chain
    • Reduced risk of legal actions and associated fines, preventing scandal
    • Enhanced brand image and increased customer sales
    • Avoid counterfeiting and ensure the authenticity of each product, thanks to a secure and encrypted item identification
    • Unique source of truth to get information about a product
    • Scalable solution to multiple sites and facilities, impacting the End-to-End supply chain


    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Healthcare & Personal Care

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