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Dardo Plus System

Control Unit, Interfaces, Address tester, Printer, Software

Addressable System

Dardo Plus System
  • Features

    Dardo Plus is an addressable system based on a control unit and addressable Emergency Lighting. The control unit drives a bus (2 wires) to which up to 100 stand-alone emergency lighting devices (escape route and exit sign luminaires, conversion kits) are connected. These light fittings have an address (coded rotary switches). Up to 32 control units can work together, and can be computer-driven. For installations up to 3200 lighting devices/addresses

    The control unit automatically runs periodical functional and autonomy tests. These tests are required by standards.
    The result can be seen on the printer installed on the DIN rail in the enclosure, or on the PC and its printer, allowing the system operating instructions to be centralised locally or on several sites via Ethernet gateways. Dardo Plus can also work with LON Work protocol systems for building management (Like TAC system).

    Dardo Plus consists of the following products:
    1) The system
    - Control unit, the core of the system
    - External printer edits reports to prepare the maintenance operations, and be kept in the log book, as specified by the standards
    - DCM Interface. RS232/RS485 and RS485/Ethernet interfacing and web server function. Allows users to configure and monitor the emergency lighting installation remotely
    - DLM interface. Allows the Dardo Plus system to be managed from a Building Management System. Works with TP/FT-10 78-kbps LonWorks protocol
    - Software Dardo Plus PC Lite allows supervision from a PC of both local and remote installations via Ethernet (LAN) such as,  schools, sport facilities, cinemas, etc
    - Syscon addresses and bus tester helps to prevent mistakes during installation setting

    2) The Dardo Plus Emergency Lighting. They are the addressable versions of products in the following ranges:
    - Emergency Lighting (Anti-panic): Exiway One, Exiway Class
    - Evacuation units: Astro Guida, Quick Signal, Lys
    - Conversion kits: Evx Ferro, Evx Power


    Reduced maintenance time and costs
    Standards require the light sources and batteries of each light fitting to be tested periodically. Dardo makes testing easier and considerably reduces costs and maintenance time.
    Tests are performed automatically and the faulty components and the address of the light fitting are identified
    The system can send alerts by e-mails or SMS


    The use of addressable systems is highly recommended and strongly advised in public buildings. Large sites have shown a great amount of interest in this type of installation, which is explained by the need for the centralisation of information on the operating state


    • DCM & DLM interfaces
    • Dardo printer
    • Dardo control unit
    • Addressable exit signs
    • Complete system. Up to 3200 luminaires
    • Kit with battery side by side
    • Address thumbwheels
    • Address tester
    • Software
    • Alarm by SMS or emails
    • Luminaires

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