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PowerLogic EGX300

Integrated gateway-server

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Web-enabled integrated gateway-server

PowerLogic EGX300
  • Features

    Note: The PowerLogic EGX300 is now discontinued and replaced by the EcoStruxure Com'X 510. Please find more information on the Com'X 510 here

    The PowerLogic EGX300 is an integrated gateway-server that requires only a web browser and Ethernet network to log and display real-time data and trend plots from up to 64 PowerLogic system devices, including other gateway devices on the same network and any other communicating device operating under the Modbus RS485 protocol.
    The PowerLogic EGX300 embedded web page function and 256 Mb of onboard memory allow you to create pages for viewing data from your electrical system and to store third-party web pages and documents such as instruction bulletins or equipment and system diagrams. Easily define web pages with real-time and logged data for a basic view of your electrical system at a glance.

    • View real-time and historical information from multiple locations with just a browser
    • Automatically detect networked devices for easy system setup
    • Automatically email or FTP selected logged data to your PC for additional analysis
    • Select the logging intervals and topics you want logged
    • Ensures data and system security through password protection and controlled network access to individual web pages as well as review active and historical connection
    • Simplifies installation by receiving control power through the Ethernet cable utilizing Power-over-Ethernet and offers the option to utilise 24 Vdc control power
    • Provides serial support for Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Jbus and PowerLogic protocols to support a wide range of devices
    • Includes one 10/100BaseTx Ethernet port
    • Includes one serial port configurable for RS485 (2/4 wire) or RS232 (RJ45)
    • Optically isolated serial port provides highly reliable communications in an industrial environment
    • Compatible with all PowerLogic power monitoring software


    The PowerLogic EGX300 integrated gateway-server simplifies power utility monitoring. Use the EGX300 to view critical real-time electrical system loading data and trend plots for historical use patterns to help optimise energy usage and existing electrical infrastructure.

    • Gain quick, shared and secured access to information from meters, circuit breaker control units, protective relays, motor controllers and drives via a standard web browser
    • Create web pages using the on-board creation tool to view the real-time and logged data for a basic view of your energy consumption


    • Monitor energy usage patterns, reveal opportunities and verify results of efficiency improvements
    • Remotely monitor real-time conditions and profile energy use on your power distribution system

    The PowerLogic EGX300 integrated gateway-server is deployed 3 ways:

    1. Use an internet browser to view real time data and gain access to basic energy consumption data stored onboard the EGX300 in standard or user-defined HTML pages.
    2. Utilize the Ethernet gateway functionality of the PowerLogic EGX300 with any PowerLogic software for extensive data analysis and access to all status and measurement information.
    3. Where a central location uses PowerLogic software to view the entire system, remote locations may use the EGX300 web pages to view local data.

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