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Altivar 61 Plus

Drives for variable torque from 90 to 2400 kW

Part of Altivar

Low voltage drives with high power ratings, 90 to 2400 kW

Altivar 61 Plus
  • Features

    A wide range of power ratings and voltages
    Altivar 61 Plus dedicated to variable torque applications: 90 to 2400 kW - 380 to 690 V

    • An HHP high-power range from 90 to 800 kW
    • A VHP very high-power range from 800 to 2400 kW

    Protection ideally suited to your environment

    • Compact IP23 protection for use in electrical equipment rooms
    • Compact IP54 protection for use close to the machine
    • IP54 protection with separate air flow, recommended for harsh environments
    • IP55 protection with water-cooled system

    The basic version offers a high level of equipment

    • "Spacial 6000" Sarel enclosure
    • Master switch and fast-acting fuses
    • AC line choke or DC choke
    • Altivar 61 variable speed drive
    • Remote display terminal mounted on the door
    • Control and motor terminals

    Enclosure can be customised by adding options listed in the catalogue

    A dedicated offer for specific requirements

    • Individual design service on request

    Voltage and Power

    • 3 AC  380...415 V, -15/+10% 50/60 Hz +/-5% (480 V as an option)
    • 3 AC  500...525 V, -15/+10% 50/60 Hz +/-5%
    • 3 AC  600...690 V, -15/+10% 50/60 Hz +/-5%


    Simplify your applications with engineered drive solutions.

    Altivar 61 Plus variable speed drive solutions, low voltage and high power, 90 to 2400 kW.
    Recognised for its simplicity of operation and its open design, the Altivar 61 Plus range of variable torque drives for synchronous or asynchronous motors
    • offers more flexibility,
    • can be configured easily and
    • is ready for use.
    Designed with safety in mind, Altivar 61 Plus drives have an optimised cooling system and components that have been tried and tested in extreme operating conditions.
    Thanks to Altivar 61 Plus drives, you will save precious time on
    • Drawing up quotations
    • Entering orders
    • Installation and Startup


    • Fans
    • Pumps
    • Compressors
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