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Setup software for motor control devices

Designed to configure motor control devices (Altivar, Altistart, Lexium and Tesys product lines)

  • Features

    SoMove is the user-friendly setup software for PCs designed to configure Schneider Electric's motor control devices. It incorporates various functions for the device setup phases such as:
    • Prepare the device configuration offline, to optimize time spent on the field
    • Simplify device start-up, commissioning and test
    • Perform application tuning using scope (device-dependant)
    • Access device detailed maintenance data

    > Download SoMove software (available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Chinese)

    > Download DTM libraries for compatible devices:
    • Variable Speed Drives: Altivar 12, Altivar 31, Altivar 32, Altivar 61, Altivar 71, Altivar 212, Altivar 312, Altivar Machine ATV320, Altivar Machine ATV340, Altivar Process ATV600, Altivar Process ATV900
    • Soft Starters: Altistart 22, Altistart 48
    • Servo Drives: Lexium 28, Lexium 32, Lexium 32i
    • DOL Starters: Tesys U
    • Motor Management system: Tesys T


    • SoMove is available as a free download here (registration required after 21 days)
    • Simple, time-saving and user-friendly, SoMove makes it easy to configure Schneider Electric motor control devices
    • Facilitate setup and maintenance, SoMove software can use a direct USB/RJ45 cable link or Ethernet link
    • SoMove can be launched several times to commission several devices simultaneously.


    • Variable Speed Drives: Altivar 12, Altivar 31, Altivar 32, Altivar 61, Altivar 71, Altivar 212, Altivar 312, Altivar Machine ATV320, Altivar Machine ATV340, Altivar Process ATV600, Altivar Process ATV900
    • Soft Starters: Altistart 22, Altistart 48
    • Servo Drives: Lexium 28, Lexium 32, Lexium 32i
    • DOL Starters: Tesys U
    • Motor Management system: Tesys T

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