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All-in-One Compact Local Telemetry Unit

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iRIO is a compact Local Telemetry Unit including various Communication interfaces, Physical I/O, Power Supply and charger

  • Features

    iRIO is a compact Local Telemetry Unit including:

    Communication capabilities (upstream to telemetry supervisors, or IT applications, downstream to PLCs, controllers, meters, etc.) through embedded PSTN or GSM/GPRS modem, ethernet interface or serial line (RS232 or RS485)

    Physical inputs and outputs (digital and analogue type) management. They are embedded in iRIO central unit (up to 32 I/O) or in extension modules directly connected to the central unit or distributed through an RS485 serial link.

    Power supply including battery charger

    Acquisition, calculation and storage (with time-tagging) functions

    Alarm detection (and time-tagging) with immediate secure transmission to various recipients (supervisor and on-duty personnel via e-mail or Short Message Service SMS).

    Access in operation and configuration modes to all data, remote and local, via any standard Web browsing software.

    Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 18 months


    Centralize remote operations, save time and money
    Control and manage your installations remotely, even perform maintenance functions with the iRIO remote management system.

    Receive the earliest notification of a problem
    iRIO instantly alerts personnel of malfunctions and alarms via e-mail, FTP, mobile phone, PDA, or telemetry supervisor such as KERWIN. In case of main power loss, iRIO continues with data acquisition and recording, alarm detection and transmission thanks to its backup battery.

    Track consumption and analyse historical data easily
    iRIO has a large amount of onboard memory, capable of storing time-stamped data and alarms. Its powerful processing capabilities give you a clear picture of atypical consumption and make historical data analysis not only possible, but easy.
    Its embedded Web interface allows you to adapt it to your application through configurable synoptics, charts or dashboards

    Communicate with existing devices
    iRIO helps you save on capital expenditures thanks to its open communication protocols that increase compatibility with your existing installations.

    Upgrade and maintain easily and cost-effectively
    The modular design makes hardware and upgrade paths easy, cost-effective, and simple to install. Electronic units withdrawable from the connection bases, automatic recognition of I/O extension cards or other Schneider Electric equipment makes it simple to incorporate new monitoring devices within your system.


    Renewable power generation: Control and monitoring of photovoltaic buildings and farms, wind farms, hydro power plants

    Energy efficiency: Identify abnormal consumptions due to flow leakages, overrides, inconvenient controls, forgotten shutdowns, and consumption deviations

    Industry: Traceability of process operation (cold chain temperature, power consumption, anomalies) - Self-checking of industrial discharges (water/air, temperature, pH) - Monitoring of fluid and pressure levels (tank replenishment) - Remote maintenance and remote control of machinery


    • iRIO Central Unit
    • iRIO EXT-2 extension with 1 slot for T2 board
    • iRIO UPS-2 Power Supply

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