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SoMove Mobile

Setup software for motor control devices for mobile phones

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Configuration with SoMove Mobile software for mobile phones via Bluetooth™

SoMove Mobile
  • Features

    • SoMove Mobile is an application that transforms your mobile phone into an adjustment and configuration tool for drives. Both powerful and user-friendly,
    • SoMove Mobile draws on the simplicity and ease of use provided by mobile phones and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity. 

    SoMove Mobile - Partner for SoMove
    SoMove Mobile is fully compatible with SoMove (PC). The configuration files can be easily exchanged between the two applications.

    SoMove Mobile - How do I get it?
    SoMove Mobile is available as a free download in the Software/Firmware section for all compatible products.

    SoMove Mobile and my mobile phone 
    SoMove Mobile has been developed for Symbian phones based on the Java ME standard.
    To use SoMove Mobile, you simply need to check that your phone meets the requirements outlined below :

    SoMove Mobile


     CLDC 1.1


     MIDP 2.0

    Java Specification Request
    •  JSR 75
      (File Management)
    • JSR 82
      (Bluetooth connectivity)
    Memory size for Java ARchives
    • >=512kb (.jar file size - without customisation files)
    • Minimum heap size 2MB

    Canvas size (screen workspace  allocated to the application)

    Pixel width >= 240, if graphical keypad is used

    The information contained in this table may be verified by the manufacturer of your phone, or your operator.

    Further information can be found in the Installation Manual 


    Configuration of drives with SoMove Mobile software for mobile phones via Bluetooth

    SoMove Mobile brings you closer to your customers - OEMs and end users can easily exchange configurations via standard telephone services : 

    • remote exchange of configuration or diagnostics files via MMS, e-mail, etc.
    • local exchange via Bluetooth™, USB, etc.


    SoMove Mobile is designed for use by all personnel involved in setting up, operating and maintaining a drive, whether it be for debugging, setting parameters or transferring configuration files. It is particularly well adapted for commissioning and maintenance teams.


    • Configuration with SoMove Mobile software for mobile phones via Bluetooth™

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