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Easergy MiCOM P740

Numerical Busbar Protection Relay Scheme (Distributed)

The Easergy MiCOM P740 numerical busbar protection scheme provides scalable and complete protection for all voltage levels, from low to extra or ultra high-voltage busbar configurations. Models available: MiCOM P741, MiCOM P742, MiCOM P743

Easergy MiCOM P740
  • Features

    Easergy MiCOM P740 is one of the fastest and complete in its class, providing secure and sensitive protection for all types of voltage busbar configurations. It is easily adapted to any configuration and can operate with different types of CT.

    Innovative configuration for centralized or distributed architecture
    Easergy MiCOM P740 ensures security, speed and sensitivity due to its innovative configuration that includes CT saturation detection and dynamic topology processing algorithms. Easergy MiCOM P740 protection, one of the fastest around (13ms operating time) meets the strict requirements imposed by extra/ultra HV voltage transmission systems.

    Easergy MiCOM P740 busbar differential protection scheme can be engineered to provide a centralized or distributed architecture. It also supports easy busbar maintenance, operation and future expansion.

    Fast, adaptable and easy to maintain
    Typically operating at 11-15ms, Easergy MiCOM P740 enables fast fault trips. It can be adapted to any busbar configuration and operates with different types of CT. A high-speed fiber optic cable, which eliminates insulation-related problems, can be used for communications between the Central Unit and the Peripheral Units.

    Fully communicant
    With the availability of IEC61850-8-1 and IEC103 protocols, the Easergy MiCOM P740 is easily integrated in any substation system.

    Latest communication protocols & Ethernet Redundancy (available now in P741)
    Fully Equipped with the latest communications protocols (IEC61850 Ed1 & Ed2 available in the same device, selection by setting).
    Maximum availability and reliability of Ethernet communications thanks to the implementation of PRP/HSR standard redundancy protocols with an instantaneous recovery time (0 ms) in case of network failure.
    Dual IP address allows the device to be connected to 2 independent communication networks (e.g, SCADA system network & Maintenance network)
    Universal IRIG-B input (automatically detects modulated or unmodulated signal)

    Major enhancement to Cybersecurity
    Operational & Cybersecurity, compliant to IEC 62351, helps protect installations with security based on embedded features such as Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Port Hardening, Security Logs and Access Traceability. The IED by default includes RBAC with different users defined and a Security Administrator.

    Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 years 
    Extended Warranty: Up to 10 years (product registration required, applies to Easergy MiCOM, please check with your local representative for availability, some exclusions apply).


    • Fast fault trip (typically 11-15ms and 8ms with High Speed contacts option)
    • Adaptable to any busbar configuration
    • IEC61850-8.1 and IEC60870-5-103 communications
    • Can operate with different types of CTs
    • Programmable function keys & hotkeys for fast access
    • Flexible tri-colour LEDs
    • Fibre optic intercommunication, ensures high communication speed, eliminating isolation problems


    The Easergy MiCOM P740 numerical busbar protection scheme has been designed to protect a wide range of busbar configurations. The modular scheme utilises 2 types of device:
    1. Central Unit (CU) - P741
    2. Peripheral Unit (PU) - P742 or P743 dependent on scheme

    The units interconnect using fibre optic cables and together with the topology configurator software, allow application to all types of busbar configurations. The Central Unit co-ordinates the scheme, receiving signals from all the peripheral units associated with the protected busbars and acting on these signals, initiates a buszone protection trip when necessary.

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