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Machine-to-machine remote monitoring solution

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With OptiM2M you can remotely view and analyze incoming machine data. At anytime, from anywhere in the world, using only your smart phone, laptop, or another web-connected device with a browser.

  • Features

    A complete cloud solution in a single box

    The OptiM2M solution comes in one package combining all the components you need to build a successful tool for secure remote data viewing:

    • Hardware pack: modem, antenna, field bus, cables for RS232 and RS 485 architectures
    • SIM card: embeded into the modem
    • Worldwide GPRS/GSM subscription
    • Dedicated and private web portal

    Get constant visibility into your machine data

    With OptiM2M, a web-based Machine-to-Machine monitoring application, you can remotely view and analyze incoming machine data. At anytime, from anywhere in the world, using only your smart phone, laptop, or another web-connected device with a browser.

    The new remote monitoring solution from Schneider Electric has many benefits for users managing pools of machines or equipment. With fast and reliable access to remote equipment and attractive features for data analysis, it’s easier to handle functions such as data reading, breakdown diagnosis or alarm management.

    OptiM2M users can harvest detailed, real- time equipment use information, such as energy consumption of an HVAC machine or usage statistics. Data access can be configured according to user type (equipment manager/owner/user, etc).


    A remote Machine-to-Machine monitoring solution has multiple advantages if you are managing machines, equipment pools in many locations:

    • Improved control of remote equipment: OptiM2M gives you efficient control of remote equipment, making it easier to handle issues such as breakdown diagnosis, or alarm management. Fast and reliable remote access reduces costs and enables data to be retrieved anytime, anywhere.
    • Enhanced reaction time and productivity: OptiM2M allows real-time communication with equipment, ensuring optimization of resources, visible reduction of on-site interventions, and minimized downtime. Operations on machines and equipment can be optimized, boosting productivity levels.
    • Detailed reports on equipment use: OptiM2M helps you harvest detailed real-time equipment use information, e.g. usage statistics and, energy consumption of your machine. Data access can be controlled according to user type (equipment manager, equipment owner, equipment user, etc.).
    • New services for your established customers: OptiM2M takes your customer relationships to a whole new level of cooperation and trust. Secure connectivity enables safe sharing of access and exchange of sensitive data, as well as faster and more accurate response to key operational issues.


    • All machine builders with managing stand-alone industrial machines requiring remote monitoring
    • Special relevance for HVAC and Hoisting

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