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Preventa XCS

Safety switches

Safety switches for protection of operators

Preventa  XCS
  • Features

    Protection of operators by stopping the machine when the actuator attached to the machine guard is withdrawn from the head of the switch.

    • For heavy duty industrial machines with
      quick rundown time: Key operated switches XCSA, XCSB, XCSC
      slow rundown time: Key operated switches  with solenoid  XCSLF, XCSE
    • For light industrial machines
      with quick rundown time: Key operated switches XCSMP, XCSPA, XCSTA
      with slow rundown time: Key operated switches with solenoid XCSLE, XCSTE

    Protection of operators by stopping the light industrial machine with quick rundown time when

    • the operating lever attached to the hinged machine guard is displaced by 5°:
      safety switches XCSPL, XCSTL
      the guard hinge rotates through safety switches XCSPR, XCSTR
    • the gate with imprecise guidance and/or subject to frequent washing is opened
      Coded magnetic switches: XCSDMC, XCSDMP, XCSDMR
      Coded magnetic system, complete device including both coded magnetic and safety module: XCSDM3, XCSDM4

    Protection of operators by stopping heavy or light industrial machine with quick rundown time when the gate is opened: Safety limit switches XCSM, XCSD, XCSP 


    One of the most comprehensive catalogues of industrial safety switches on the market.
    Save time in setting up, and place and in the cabinet with our innovative coded magnetic system.
    Increase productivity thanks to the third contact dedicated to diagnostics


    As far as safety is concerned all dangerous machines in all sectors are involved. Such as packaging, handling, robotics, machine tools, presses, automotive sector.


    • Preventa XCS range

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