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Acti9 iPRD-DC-PV

Surge Protection Devices for Photovoltaic applications

Part of 9 Series

Withdrawable Surge Arresters Type 2 for Photovoltaic applications to prevent the risks linked to lightning, compliant with IEC/EN 50539-11 :2013

Acti9 iPRD-DC-PV
  • Features

    The Acti9 iPRD-DC-PV Surge Protection Devices Type 2 are meant to protect against the overvoltages coming from the lightning strikes:
    - of the PV inverter direct current input
    - and of the photovoltaic panels.
    Maximum steady state voltage: 800 V DC, 1000 V DC
    Maximum discharge current Imax = 40 kA.

    The Surge Protection Devices should be installed in a switchboard inside the building. If the switchboard is located outside, it must be weatherproof.

    For more information regarding the SPD DC PV installation discover the "SE Electrical Installation Guide"


    • Withdrawable Acti9 iPRD-DC-PV Surge Arresters allow damaged cartridges to be replaced quickly
    • They offer remote reporting of the "cartridge must be changed" message
    • Simplified choice: optimised offer with 2 products
    • Safety insured till the cartridge end of life:
      the thermal disconnector will open before their destruction.


    Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are particularly important to protect sensitive electrical equipments like:
    - AC/DC inverters
    - Monitoring devices
    - PV panels
    - Other sensitive equipments powered by the 230 V AC electrical distribution network.
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