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Acti9 RCA

Remote Control Auxiliary for Acti9 iC60

Part of 9 Series

The Acti9 RCA Remote Control Auxiliary for iC60 circuit breakers helps you remotely control your circuit breakers with or without Vigi add-on RCD as well as with or without auxiliary. Ideal for use on a wide range of loads including street lighting, interior remote lighting and plenty more.

Acti9 RCA
  • Features

    With a range of features including remote electrical control as well as local control and more, the Acti9 Remote Control Auxiliary is ideal if you are working with most types of lighting control.
    • Remote electrical control (opening and closing) of Acti9 iC60 circuit breakers with or without Vigi add-on RCD, with or without auxiliary
    • Circuit breaker resetting after tripping, in full compliance with all security principles and regulations
    • Full local control via operating handle
    • Padlocking allows circuit to be placed in secure configuration.
    With Ti24 interface:
    • Direct interface with a programmable logic controller (PLC), a supervision system and any other communication device, having inputs/outputs in 24V DC (control, OF and SD indication)
    • Fast, reliable connection of the remote control to the Acti9 Smartlink thanks to the prefabricated cables
    • Remote indication by “OF” potential-free contact
    • Provision of 2 operating modes.
    The Acti9 Remote Control Auxiliary is also completely bistable, meaning the state does not change should there be an electrical power outage.


    Suitable for a wide range of installations and ideally suited to outdoor and indoor remote lighting control, the Acti9 Automatic Recloser provides complete peace of mind as well as the option to control circuit breakers either remotely or locally.
    • Predefined program ensures selections are easy
    • Additional peace of mind thanks to fully integrated signalisation
    • Simple and straightforward configuration, with the additional possibility to authorise or inhibit reclosing after tripping
    • Expertly designed padlocking system makes maintenance simple.


    Designed with providing installers with remote control of the miniature circuit breaker as well as resetting after tripping in mind, the Acti9 RCA Remote Control Auxiliary is particularly suited to the following loads:
    • Outside remote lighting control such as infrastructure spaces, industrial plants and outside parking
    • Inside remote lighting control such as landscaped offices, open spaces in large stores and underground parking
    • Street lighting control such as main streets, service stations and tunnels
    • Load-shedding, industrial oven applications
    • Main-secondary power supply switching.


    • Acti9 Reflex iC60 DIN rail integrated control circuit-breaker
    • Acti9 iC60 Din rail MCBs & Multiclip splitter blocks
    • Acti9 iC60 DIN rail MCB 4 poles. VisiTrip fault indicator

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