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Acti9 iSSW

Acti9 iSSW DIN rail linear control switches designed to provide enhanced protection as well as the opening and closing of circuits under load

Part of 9 Series

Providing simple manual control when it comes to electric circuits, the Acti9 iSSW DIN rail linear control switches are fully compliant with DIN rail standard and ensure absolute protection of service

Acti9 iSSW
  • Features

    Designed with unrivalled levels of protection in mind, the Acti9 iSSW DIN rail linear control switches are ideally suited for effortless manual control of electric circuits.

    • Fully compliant with standards: IEC 60669-1 and IEC 60947-5-1
    • Rating: Rating: 20A with both 2-position and 3-position control
    • Open and close circuits under load


    Benefit from the peace of mind you get from using a complete modular system with the Acti9 iSSW DIN rail linear control switches, specifically engineered to provide you with the control you need over electric circuits.

    • Easy to use and select  
    • Fully compliant with DIN rail standard
    • Added peace of mind thanks to a complete modular system.


    Use the Acti9 iSSW control switches to add ensure optimal protection and reliability as well as manually control electric circuits in a range of buildings.

    • Easy manual control of electric circuits
    • Provides complete modular system for ease of use.


    • Acti9 iC60 Din rail MCBs & Multiclip splitter blocks
    • Acti9 Reflex iC60 DIN rail integrated control circuit-breaker
    • Acti9 iC60 DIN rail MCB 4 poles. VisiTrip fault indicator
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