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Wiser for KNX

KNX Home Automation

Wiser for KNX (formerly known as homeLYnk) is a personalized home automation solution, offering a complete system based on open protocols: KNX, Modbus, BACnet and IP

Wiser for KNX
  • Features

    Wiser for KNX is the key to provide a complete home automation solution, delivering unlimited flexibility, simplicity and efficiency.
    The Wiser for KNX logic controller can be used in several ways:
    - Gateway between KNX, Modbus, BACnet and IP
    - Logic module providing memory function and event controller
    - User interface based on a web server application

    Wiser for KNX provides an interface to control all residential functions. It can be used from local and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and touch panels. It enables to monitor and control:
    - Lights, blinds, heating, and cooling
    - Energy metering
    - Scheduler
    - IP camera

    Works with Sonos
    KNX is the most reliable worldwide standard for home and building automation.
    Feel and enjoy the power of your Schneider Electric KNX Home Automation Solution with Sonos Sound.

    Schneider Electric has released a Schneider Electric Sonos Application that seamlessly integrates with our Wiser for KNX IoT controller: take a bold step into the IoT future.

    Comfort, flexibility, cost efficiency, safety and security are what modern building technologies are about. Schneider Electric believe that contemporary building control has got to be easy and intelligent to be useful.

    Light control, blind and shutter control, HVAC, Smart metering requires many different technologies and products which integrate and solve challenges presented by rapidly evolving technologies.

    Together with Wiser for KNX logic controllers overcoming these challenges is easy.


    KNX for residential is a comprehensive application for home automation which also achieves the relevant energy awareness required by the new building regulations.

    The control functions improve comfort, security, and flexibility for the residents and owners. The system is complete, open, and scalable. Installation and programming is easy thanks to repetitive configuration.
    The interface can be designed to customers’ individual needs – a real differentiation factor and added value to residential programs.


    • KNX for residential combines the technologies for blinds, lighting, and heating to fit residential needs. Integrated time scheduler/calendar built-in function enables the inhabitants to plan the occupation, the temperature according to the mood or activity taking place (work, relax, week-end).
    • KNX for residential delivers a real-time display of the water, gas and electricity consumption as well as it provides historical data on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
      It is even possible to export the data for further analysis and design your own statistical measurements.
    • IP cameras can also be connected to the Home Automation Expert visualization platform, displaying the image on a tablet or smartphone remotely.


    • Wiser for KNX
    • homescreen visualisation
    • homeLYnk system architecture

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