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Flexible releasable cable tie

Rapstrap is a new and revolutionary flexible cable tie providing a superior alternative to the traditional nylon cable tie

  • Features

    Rapstrap is a versatile and extendable product with a smooth and flexible design allowing it to be looped and weaved into a multitude of configurations.

    • All parts of Rapstrap can be used, just tie, cut off the remaining front part and use again.
    • Its unique design also allows Rapstrap to be easily released and re-used again.
    • Rapstrap is made of flexible polymer and can stretch up to 50% without harming any sensitive surfaces.
    • Rapstrap is best used where a strong grip is required without damaging the inner cores of Cat6, Data, Telecom, Multicore and Fiber Optic cables.


    300mm length x 10mm width

    Materials and Colors

    Material: Polyurethane elastomer

    Available: Colors: Black, Neutral, Green


    • Reduces waste during installation. Cut the unused part of the Rapstrap and tie again.
    • Perfect for securing data and video cables without damage.
    • Provides a controlled tension on the cable thanks to its semi-elasticity.
    • Use the same Rapstrap to secure different bundles of cables. For longer lengths, join two Rapstrap together.
    • Safe to use: no sharp edges when cut.
    • Use only one Rapstrap to segregate cables in different bundles.


    Rapstrap is designed for a wide range of applications in various environments, such as:

    • Residential
    • Outdoor areas (gardens, parks)
    • Offices
    • Commercial buildings
    • Shopping centers and malls
    • Data centers or IT network rooms
    • Industrial facilities


    • No sharp edges when cut.
    • A new and revolutionary flexible cable tie

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