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SCADAPack 50

SCADAPack 50

Battery-powered wireless data logger that uses PDU format binary SMS messages over GSM systems. Combination of analog, digital and modbus inputs available.

SCADAPack 50
  • Features

    SP50 network is a cost effective way to deploy monitoring systems for remote assets. Once deployed the data loggers are maintenance free for the life of the battery which is measured in years.

    It includes battery powered remote field units for monitoring data through a range of available inputs including discreet, analog and Modbus inputs. The SP50 remote units monitor the process inputs and store data at configured intervals. Data is transmitted to a host system over a GSM network using SMS.


    SCADAPack 50 offers you multiple benefits :

    • Quick installation enables cost effective deployment of solutions
    • Configuration is possible through local interface or through network from host
    • Maintenance-free networks work autonomously for up to five years


    The SCADAPack 50 data loggers are used in a variety of markets and applications including:

    • Fresh water distribution system monitoring
    • Pressure and flow monitoring in gas distribution networks (leak detection)
    • Power monitoring
    • Monitoring levels in isolated reservoirs and bulk storage facilities
    • Wastewater discharge monitoring, sewer overflows
    • Cathodic protection of pipelines
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