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TeSys H

Ultra-compact, multifunctional starter for asynchronous motors up to 3 kW

Part of TeSys

Greater and simpler motor starter integration in your control panel, for standard applications or safety chain.

TeSys H
  • Features

    TeSys H is a new, multifunctional starter for motors up to 3 kW/400 V. It helps to significantly reduce space in control cabinets by providing up to four functions within its 22.5 mm-wide body: 

    • Forward running
    • Reverse running
    • Protection against motor overload and phase unbalance
    • Safe shutdown up to SIL3/PLe (available in the Safe Torque Off variant)

    There are two variants of the TeSys H motor starter, one for standard motor starter and another Safe Torque Off motor starter for use as a part of safety chains. Both are designed for high demanding applications:

    The standard model, meant for regular applications, can provide up to 3 functions: forward running, reverse running, and protection against motor overload and phase unbalance. It is equipped with fault auxiliary contact, three reset options (manual, remote, and automatic), as well as wide setting range (AC53a: 0.18 to 2.4 A and 1.5 to 6.5 A), control voltage (24 VDC or 110-230 VAC), and four LEDs for easy diagnostics. Installation and maintenance are simple thanks to a direct mounting on 35 mm DIN rail. This model is CE, UL and CCC certified.

    The Safe Torque Off model for safety chain applications can embed all the standard functionalities, and includes a safe shutdown function. This model meets the requirements of functional safety and is rated SIL3 according to IEC 61508-1 and PLe according to ISO 13849-1. Moreover, it is ATEX-certified, in addition to being CE, UL and CCC compliant.



    • Up to 75% space reduction, which makes it suitable for all control cabinets where saving space is a priority (22.5mm wide for 1 way or 2 way starter with safety function)
    • 60% reduction of installation time, thanks to the efficiency of having embedded functions in one slim body
    • SIL3/Ple Safe Torque Off variant, simplest design of your safety architecture
    • A long electrical life, can perform 30 million AC53a electrical cycles which make it reliable for high demanding applications


    TeSys H can be used in a variety of industries,  including food and beverage, logistics, and durable goods. It’s suitable for machines like conveyors, logistics systems and feeding systems of production machines.


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