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Spacial SFM compartmentalised

Floor-standing steel enclosures with a complete, fixed solution for MCCs


Spacial SFM compartmentalised
  • Features

    Spacial SFM provides a modular system for switchgear with form separation up to 4b in motor control centres designed for motor feeders up to 250kW.  A complete, robust solution

    Spacial SFM enclosure combined with other Schneider Electric products is a comprehensive, reliable solution for fixed MCCs: switchgear (short circuit protection devices, limiters, contactors, and thermal relays for classic MCC coordination type 2),
    switchboards as well as distribution (Linergy busbar system). 

    This solution is fully compliant with IEC 61439-1&2, an international standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.


    More options, more possibilities
    • Spacial SFM enclosures now provide 9 different compartment dimensions (from 3M to 24M), allowing installation of up to 36 modules for greater flexibility. 
    • Spacial SFM compartmentalised is built using the same framework as Spacial SF, saving time during the assembly phases. These enclosures are:

    Versatile, modular, and robust

    • Ready to install, thanks to the quick, easy, and simplified assembly system 
    • Equipped with built-in partial doors and panels to offer a high degree of protection (IP54) and mechanical impact resistance (IK10)
    •  Easily combined side-by-side or back-to-back 
    • Spacial SFM compartmentalised may be also connected with multi-purpose Spacial SF columns to mix Form 1 & 2 functional units and Spacial SFP columns for power distribution.


    It is suitable for demanding industries, such as water and wastewater or HVAC applications.


    • Spacial SFM with closed door

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