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AccuSine PFV+

Electronic reactive current compensation solution for specific and high performance applications

Part of PowerLogic

AccuSine PFV+ addresses power quality issues by simple, effective elimination of leading or lagging power factor and reduction of voltage fluctuations. Its unique design helps enhance equipment operating life and improves system power performance, and offers multiple features in one complete package. Power Factor correction with AccuSine PFV+ is worry-free and with no risk of resonance.

AccuSine PFV+
  • Features

    Is dirty power stealing from you?
    To help you mitigate against power quality issues, AccuSine PVF+ provides reliable and comprehensive electronic VAR injection for very precise displacement power factor correction and mains current balancing.

    Find out more:
    VarSelect Automatic Power Factor Correction Bank Design Tool (login/signup required)
    Continuous, iterative power quality management (white paper)

    What is power quality?
    In an ideal three phase power system, voltages are at nominal magnitude and frequency, perfectly balanced and with a perfect sinusoidal waveform. Any disturbance on one parameter (magnitude, frequency, waveform, or symmetry) is classified as a power quality issue. There are a variety of power quality disturbances – voltage dips, harmonics, transients, etc. – all of which can have negative impacts on the electrical system and equipment, such as power outage, device damage, failure, overheating, degraded performance and reduced equipment life.

    AccuSine PFV+ stops power quality issues like voltage sags and flicker due to load current fluctuations (VAR compensation). For larger power quality applications, AccuSine PFV+ can be combined with a capacitor bank to reduce system cost. It can add or subtract to the capacitor bank output, achieving high speed reactive compensation with infinite resolution. It also provides high speed Powoer Factor correction where traditional capacitor banks are unable to track loads.


    • Fast ROI - displacement PF correction stops utility charges for poor PF (instant savings where penalty is charged).
    • Maximizes uptime and production scheduling - mains current balancing prevents unwanted/unplanned stoppages.
    • Easy expansion or retrofit - parallel connection means initial or additional unit installation with no load interruptions
    • Simple and intuitive to use - touch-screen HMI with communication via RS485/RJ45 connector. 
    • Easy remote monitoring and operational control (via Ethernet TCP/IP).
    • Flexible and scalable.
    • Peace of mind - worry-free power factor correction without the risk of resonance.


    Technical Data
    Standard RMS output current ratings
    60 A, 120 A, 200 A, 300 A - 380 V AC to 480 V AC
    47 A, 94 A, 157 A, 235 A - 480-600 V AC
    40 A, 80 A, 133 A, 200 A - 600-690 V AC

    Nominal voltage
    380-480 V AC; +10%/-15%
    480-600 V AC; +10%/-15%
    600-690 V AC; +10%/-15%
    Up to 35kV with external transformers.

    Nominal Frequency
    50/60 Hz, ±3 % auto sensing

    Power factor correction
    Optimized unity PF, Leading (capacitive) or lagging (inductive) power factor (Cos f) to target.

    Mains current balancing
    Negative sequence current injected to balance fundamental current on the mains due to load imbalance (inherently corrects displacement PF (Cos φ)).

    Control response time
    25 μs

    Reactive correction time
    1/4 cycle

    Operating Temperature 
    60 A, 120 A & 200 A: IP00, IP20, UL Type Open, & UL Type 1 configurations -0 °C to 45 °C
    All others 0 °C to 40 °C
    Derate 2 % per degree °C to 50 °C

    Relative humidity
    0-95 %, noncondensing

    Operating Altitude
    1000 m (derate 1 %/100 m above)

    Standards compliance/certification
    cULus (UL508 , CSA 22.2 No. 14)
    CE Certified, ABS, Lloyds, other local standards

    145 mm QVGA TFT 7-color touchscreen

    HMI (Harmony STU)
    Plain language output (no cryptic codes)

    Protection (enclosure)
    IP00, IP20, IP31, IP54, UL Type 2, UL Type 12

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