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Volume Flow, Mass and Density measurement of liquid, gas and steam

With a 100-year tradition of excellence in flow measurements, the Schneider Electric (formerly Foxboro) brand of magnetic, vortex and Coriolis technologies offer complete flow solutions. Our promise is to improve operational efficiency and reliability by not only delivering data but also by letting users visualize and manage data collected via Schneider Electric's web-based IIoT Platform or SCADA and Telemetry systems.

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  • Features

    Schneider Electric Coriolis flowmeters handle measurements that cause other mass flowmeters to fail.
    • Mass, volume flow, density and concentration measurement of liquids and gases
    • Continuous flow measurement, even with entrained gas (two-phase flow/bidirectional flow)
    • For virtually all process and custody transfer applications
    Schneider Electric Electromagnetic flowmeters are a reliable flow measurement solution for conductive liquids with a low cost of ownership and maintenance with field-proven stability to maximize the availability of flow measurement
    • From basic applications to demanding flow and custody transfer measurements
    • Designs and liner materials for various applications - from potable water to abrasive or aggressive fluids
    Schneider Electric Vortex flowmeters are the highest performing vortex flowmeters on the market
    • For utility applications and advanced energy management
    • Univeral devices for liquids, gases and steam
    • Ideal for replacing differential pressure devices due to lower cost of ownership
    • Integrated temperature compensation
    • Various designs: flanged, wafer, threaded sanitary connections


    • Highly accurate volumetric and mass flow, density and temperature measurement
    • Patented algorithms to improve performance in real-world applications
    • Simple startup and operation, FDT technology for easy configuration
    • FlowExpertPro.com: free, industry recognized, online sizing tool with a built-in library of 300 fluids
    • Fit and forget devices with low cost of ownership
    • Global customer and field support
    • Web-based IIoT platform enabled wireless and battery powered flow technologies
    • Seamless integratoin to remote SCADA and Telemetry systems


    • From general purpose flowmeters to advanced and specialized flowmeter solutions for virtually any process industry
    • Range of flowmeters for tough applications in harsh industries such as Mining, Chemical and Pulp & Paper
    • Accurate flowmeters with hygienic design for sanitary applications in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage


    • 84W Flowmeter
    • MAG2 Transmitter
    • 84C / 84F Flowmeter
    • CFT51 Transmitter
    • CFS25 Flowtube

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