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Free Space Radar, Guided Wave Radar and Buoyancy/Displacer Transmitters for Level Measurement Instrumentation

Over 100 years of experience go into our level instrumentation. Schneider Electric (formerly Foxboro) popularized continuous liquid level applications with the d/p Cell in 1948. Fast forward to today and our radar and buoyancy/displacer level instruments continue to provide workhorse reliability across the spectrum of measurement applications.

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  • Features

    Free Space Radar and Guided Wave Radar:
    Schneider Electric's radar level measurement devices offer accurate, reliable level measurement for the widest choice of installation and applications. A complete radar lineup of guided wave and free space radars (also referred to as non-contacting radar) for solid and liquid applications offer state-of-the-art measurement technology combined with robust and durable design for a life cycle of reliability. Device features include unique 360-degree rotation, which allows for side or top mounting, making it much simpler to fit into an existing space. For greater ease, all radar instruments feature a user-friendly external display, offering easy, intuitive configuration for a new operator. To keep your plant safe, options include SIL2 certifications, dual-seal technologies featuring METAGLAS®, remote displays to keep personnel from climbing tanks and removable electronics to ensure trouble-free antenna installation.

    A complete lineup of Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) free space radars incorporate advanced technology and algorithms to ensure easy setup and reliable, accurate, repeatable operation. Whether your liquid or solid application features challenges such as heavy dust, buildup or corrosive material, Schneider Electric's complete offer supplies your application with accurate level measurement of ±2 mm/±0.08 inches over ranges up to 100 m/328 ft. LR75 and LR65 80 GHz radar technology ensures a radar beam that works in the most difficult applications including nozzles and tank top isolation valves. Popular 24 GHz radar featured in LR54, LR74 and LR64 is versatile and reliable using the optional Drop antenna to avoid problems with buildup and condensation. 10 GHz LR01 has a proven track record of working with agitation, vapors and challenging foam applications. All radars are designed to be easy setup for measurement of liquids, pastes, solids, powders and slurries in all industries.

    The LG01 Guided Wave Radar transmitter is designed to be the most reliable style of radar available. It's 'never lost' signal performs continuous level measurements in a wide range of industries and applications. A modular design of housing and sensor ensures suitability for a variety of mounting positions and applications. It's a universal measurement device for liquids and solids.

    We apply superior technology and experience to continuously measure the level, interface, or density of liquids in industrial processes. Based on proven Archimedes buoyancy principle and utilizing no moving parts, our level transmitters are rugged and extremely reliable, requiring virtually no maintenance. They also supply precise measurements, even at extreme process temperatures from -196°C to +500°C (-320°F to +930°F) and pressures from vacuum to 500 bar. They are FM/ATEX rated explosion-proof and intrinsically safe, approved for SIL2 applications with a proof-test interval up to 5 years.

    The 244LD LevelStar Buoyancy transmitter is the flagship product for the range of buoyancy transmitters offered. Its rugged design for extreme process temperatures makes it a top choice for all industrial process level measurements. The 167LP Pneumatic transmitter is used for measuring level, interface or density of extreme process level measurements. Accessories such as 204DC bypass chamber, 204DE displacer element and flange kits ensure a complete offer from one reliable source.


    Free Space Radar:
    • 100 m/328 ft remote converter with full display and configuration capability
    •  80 GHz technology helps bypass obstacles and false reflections
    • Accuracy from ±2 mm; ±0.08 inches
    • Can measure products with dielectric constants as low as 1.1
    • Compatible with WirelessHART Adapter WHA-ADP2
    • Drop antenna is resistant to buildup
    • Extensive choice of process connections starting from 0.75 inches
    • Free PACTware™ DTM with configuration and maintenance capabilities
    • Large backlit LCD display contains 4-button keypad with Hall effect sensors
    • Lens, Drop and Horn antennas for measuring distance up to 100 m; 328 ft
    • METAGLAS dual safety seal option
    • Quick start up and commissioning ensures measurement begins out of the box
    • SIL2 according to IEC 61508
    • Works on liquids of changing densities

    Guided Wave Radar:
    • 1 GHz TDR level meter
    • 100 m/328 ft remote converter with full display and configuration capability
    • Can measure products with dielectric constants as low as 1.1
    • Coax antenna used as mini stilling well for demanding applications
    • Flange temperature ≤+300°C/+570°F up to 40 bar/580
    • Free PACTware™ DTM with full functionality
    • Installation with very small process connections (≥0.5 inches)
    • Measurement range max. 40 m; 130 ft
    • Perfect solution for density/pressure variations and rapid level changes
    • QNS (quick noise scanning) function eliminates false reflections
    • Reliable 'never lost' signal
    • SIL2 according to IEC 61508
    • Suitable for applications with foam up to 50 cm/20 inches
    • Works with liquids of changing densities

    • Auto-range capability to adapt to new process conditions, such as density changes, without removal from the process or adjustment of the displacer element
    • "Direct Force Measurement" technology
    • Accessories (204xx) such as chamber, displacer and flange kits for complete installation
    • FTD/DTM technology for online recalibration and diagnostics
    • High pressure and process temperature: -196 to +500°C (-320 to +932°F)
    • Immune to vibrations with smart smoothing and damping
    • Level, interface and density measurement
    • Low maintenance costs
    • No moving parts keeps maintenance costs at a minimum
    • Reliable interface measurement
    • Rugged designs with high reliability and long live
    • SIL2 according to IEC 62508


    • Density
    • Dry Bulk Solids
    • Foam
    • Granulates
    • Liquid Interface
    • Liquids
    • Open Channel Flow
    • Pastes
    • Powders
    • River Level
    • Slurries
    • Solids
    • Steam Generation/Boiler Drum

    • Agribusiness
    • Building Utilities
    • Chemical
    • Energy Management
    • Food & Beverage
    • Glass
    • Life Sciences
    • Metals, Mining & Minerals
    • OEM
    • Oil & Gas
    • Plastics
    • Power & Utilities
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Refining
    • Renewable Fuels
    • Water & Wastewater


    • 244LD Transmitter
    • 204xx Transmitter
    • 167LP Transmitter
    • LG01 Transmitter
    • 244LVP Transmitter
    • LR01 Transmitter

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