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Prefabricated Data Hall

Scalable prefabricated IT infrastructure comprised of factory built IT modules ganged together on site, with minimal construction, to form a large, functional IT room.

Part of EcoStruxure Data Center Solutions

Integrated, scalable, flexible, on demand IT infrastructure

Prefabricated Data Hall
  • Features

    Prefabricated Data Halls provide service providers and enterprise customers deploying IT in 50 to 200 rack increments the ability to scale up quickly while dramatically simplifying the on site construction. Locate the data center outside or into a simple building shell as a stand-alone system that has physical security, power and cooling redundancy, and can be remotely monitored and managed with a full suite of EcoStruxure software.


    • Simple and Fast Deployment - Prefabricated Data Center Modules arrive on site ready to deploy which significantly reduces installation time and cost.
    • Pre-engineered and Factory Assembled - Prefabricated Modules are designed and built to precise specifications in a controlled factory environment and utilize DCIM software which results in improved reliability and a more predictably performing data center.
    Cost Savings
    • Predictable Cost and Performance - Pre-engineered designs and factory assembled and tested infrastructure dramatically reduce total the total project timeline and complexity. This minimizes construction cost overruns and changes to the original engineering design. The result is the cost you expected the performance you planned for.

    Success Stories

    IoT Enabled EcoStruxure™ Ensures Efficiency for Animal Logic

    Animal Logic, the digital animators behind The Lego Movie, The Matrix, and more, partner with Schneider Electric to deploy a customized prefab data center in record time.

    Empowering 21st Century Learning

    Schneider Electric and Moreno Valley Unified School District partner to assess, plan, design and install a prefabricated modular data center to improve network connectivity, monitoring capability, and educational outcomes for all.

EcoStruxure™ for Your Business

EcoStruxure lets you thrive in today's digital world. Make better business decisions with scalable and converged IT/OT solutions.

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