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Stago Cable Trays

Durable cable trays for all types of installations

The Stago Cable Tray System consists of cable trays, covers, separation walls, form pieces, mounting accessories, wall and ceiling supports, and much more to provide standard and customized solutions

Stago Cable Trays
  • Features

    With the expertise in roll forming and cable support manufacturing,  Schneider Electric
    offers a large assortment of universal accessories, screwless fixation
    solutions, modular accessories and easy to use form pieces for a speedy and
    efficient installation.
    Every installation is unique and requirements
    may vary. We provide comprehensive solutions and product customization is key to providing a tailored and optimized system for all of our customers’ needs.  

    • Materials: Pre-galvanized sheet steel, powder coated and pre-galvanized sheet steel, hot-dip galvanized sheet steel, zinc + sheet steel, and stainless-steel sheet steel.
    • Available heights: 35mm, 60mm, 85mm, and 110mm
    • Available lengths: 3m, 4.5m, 5m, 6m, and 6.3m
    • KG281 cable trays designed  with limited perforation in design. Available in pre-galvanized sheet steel and powder coated & pre-galvanized sheet steel material.        
    • KB184 cable trays with standard perforation pattern for enhanced ventilation. Available in pre-galvanized sheet steel and zinc + sheet steel material
    • KB284 cable trays with standard perforation pattern and base reinforcement for optimal performance. Available in pre-galvanized sheet steel and Zinc+ sheet steel material
    • TV184 cable trays with standard perforation pattern. Available in hot-dip galvanized sheet steel 
    • ES114 cable trays with standard perforation pattern for enhanced ventilation. Available in stainless steel


    Simple and fast
    Thanks to the wide range of screwless accessories Stago cable trays are quick and easy to install.
    With efficiency in mind
    Smart and universal accessories with flat form pieces to simplify purchasing, shipping, storage and assembly of procedures for our customers.
    Ideal lengths
    Certain applications demand cable trays longer or shorter than the market standard. With our customization workshop, customers can order the length they require and save the time that would have been needed to cut the cable trays on site.
    More than grey and white
    Besides the mere metals, Stago offers RAL1013, RAL9016, RAL9010 and RAL1023 colors as standard and has the possibility to powder coat cable trays into any requested color. Apply your own corporate colors on our system to
    make it fit in to any environment.
    Optimized support system
    The single pendant support with robust consoles leaves one side open, allowing fast and easy cable management. Suits all types of cable support and busbars.


    Stago Cable Trays are designed for a wide range of environments in various industries, such as:

    C2 Pre-galvanized
    Partly outdoor environments: Industries, sports halls, warehouses, shops, rural outdoor areas etc.
    • Low environmental corrosion.
    • Non-heated areas with fluctuating levels of temperature and humidity.
    • Few instances of condensation and low levels of airborn pollution.
    • SS-EN 10327:2004.

    C3 Hot-dip galvanized, Zinc+
    Indoor and outdoor environments: Urban and light industrial areas, breweries, dairies, laundries etc.
    • Average environmental corrosion.
    • Areas with average levels of humidity and some airborn pollution caused by production processes.
    • Atmospheres containing some salt or average levels of airborne pollution.
    • EN-ISO1461:2009

    C4 Hot-dip galvanized, Zinc+
    Indoor and outdoor environments: Chemical plants, industrial and coastal areas, swimming pools, farms, dockyards etc.
    • High environmental corrosion.
    • Areas with high levels of humidity and considerable airborn pollution.
    • Atmospheres with average salt content or discernible levels of airborne pollution.
    • EN-ISO1461:2009.
    C5-I Stainless steel AISI 304
    Indoor and outdoor environments: Chemical and heavy industries, tunnels, swimming pools, dockyards etc.
    • Very high (industrial) environmental corrosion.
    • Areas with almost permanent condensation, large quantities of airborn pollution, high levels of humidity and aggressive atmospheres
    • SS2333 RF/AISI 304


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