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Acti9 iID40

Residual current circuit breakers bottom connection (RCCB)

Part of 9 Series

Designed with optimized features and improved continuity of service, Acti9 iID40 instantly breaks an electric circuit to prevent serious harm from an ongoing electric shock. It also provides installers with ease of installation as well as robust and reliable connections

Acti9 iID40
  • Features

    • Earth leakage protection: provides better continuity of service and reinforced immunity with the SI type
    • VisiTrip offers a visible fault indicator for fast and optimized on-site servicing
    • VisiSafe offers a visible green strip with reinforced insulation for maintenance in better safety conditions
    • Direct connection from RCCB to outgoers without additional feeding cables
    • Compatible with standard Acti9 iC40 busbars
    • 1P+N and 3P+N versions with large feeding terminals up to 63A
    • Yellow indication flap for easy bottom connection
    • RCD type ASi, A, AC
    • Rating (A) 25, 40, 63
    • Fully compliant with Standards IEC/EN 61008-1
    • Sensitivity (mA) 30, 300.


     The residual current circuit breakers offer the following earth leakage protection functions:
    • Protection of persons against electric shock by direct contact (30 mA)
    • Protection of persons against electric shock by indirect contact (300 mA)
    • Protection of installations against the risk of fire (300 mA)
    A-SI type
    • The A-SI type provides increased immunity from electrical interference and polluted environments
    • Easy-to-understand part numbers make choosing options simple and straightforward
    • Easy to install with Acti9 iC40 Comb Busbars
    • Environmentally friendly: made from 100% recyclable and recoverable materials.



    Dedicated to the Small, Medium and large buildings applications ensuring the full protection with expertly designed DIN rail RCCB. Ideal for all building installations, Residual Current Circuit Breakers devices provide protection against:
    • Electrocution
    • Fire hazards caused by leakage currents flowing into building materials.
    Low-voltage final distribution Installations.
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