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Solar Homaya Hybrid Home System 850

Powers both AC and DC loads from the smart synergy of solar and grid energy

Homaya Solar Hybrid System range is designed to provide access to energy at an affordable price with less dependency on the grid supply. Homaya Solar Hybrid System has an in-built artificial intelligence to prioritize solar energy over the grid supply,thereby saves electricity bills.

Solar Homaya Hybrid Home System 850
  • Features

    Recommended Solar Panel Wattage - 800 Wp, 12V with OCV of 17V to 21V
    AC Input - 230V AC, 50 Hz
    AC output - 850VA - 230V AC, 50 Hz
    DC output - 12V, 20A
    Recommended Battery Size - 12V, 100Ah to 200Ah
    Recommended Battery type - Supports Tubular, Flat plate, GEL/VRLA battery
    Product dimensions in mm (LxWxH) - 375 x 315 x 135
    Safety and reliability - Protected against short-circuit, High temperature and Internal fault protection


    • Affordable solar hybrid solutions - Unleash the power of the sun and grid to energize the home
    • AC & DC output - 230V AC - 50Hz and 12V DC output
    • Achieve more savings - Optimizes the use of solar power and saves grid electricity bill
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