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AccuSine PCSn

The Schneider Electric solution for commercial buildings, light industry, and other less-harsh environments.

Part of PowerLogic

The AccuSine PCSn series is a scalable and flexible, high performance active harmonic filtering solution that brings reliability and efficiency to your electrical system, resulting in increased uptime, greater operational efficiency, prolonged equipment life, and improved energy efficiency.

AccuSine PCSn
  • Features

    Built on the award-winning AccuSine+ platform, the AccuSine PCSn active harmonic filtering solution is perfect for power quality mitigation in commercial buildings, light industry, and other less-harsh environments. Designed to be flexible and scalable, the PCSn is available in chassis, wall, or rack mount configurations that meet any installation requirement. Add more AccuSine modules as your harmonic and power quality mitigation needs change with your load requirements, easily integrating new modules via intelligent paralleling capabilities. Smart Commissioning (via intelligent paralleling algorithm) saves you time, and enables functionality like automatic CT polarity detection and correction, unit self-identification and system views. You can commission the entire system from just one main/master unit.

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    Power quality is becoming critically important for any business, and should be included as a key element in an energy and power management strategy. This approach should take into account active harmonic filters like the AccuSine PCSn, which mitigates harmonics and power factor issues.


    Clean up your power
    Active Harmonic Mitigation
    • Provides best-in-class performance
    • Reduces THDi < 5%. 
    • Guarantees a harmonic-free system, improving system reliability, and increasing operational efficiency and uptime.
    Only pay for your power qualitiy needs
    Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Mitigation
    • Our Power Factor (cos φ), THDi, and THDv setpoint features provide system-level visibility and control, ensuring your compliance with utility code, and that your system runs at optimal efficiency.
    Drive your neutral current to zero
    Mains Load Balancing
    • Harmonic mitigation eliminates harmonic current in the neutral, however, in a 3-phase system with single-phase loads, current still flows in the neutral. Applying mains load balancing reduces neutral current to 0, resulting in a perfectly stable system.


    • Provides key real time, historical, and PQ information dashboards, reporting, and control
    • Integrates with EcoStruxure Power edge control software and solutions for detailed preventative views
    • In healthcare facilities, detects and prevents power incidents that could lead to patient risk and legal consequences
    • Locates disturbances quickly, helps predict maintenance needs, and aids in monitoring ongoing operations like battery health and runtime variations

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