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Lexium STS

SCARA robots for fast positioning solutions

Part of Lexium

The Lexium STS robots are industrial manipulative robots for compact pick&place solutions with max payload of 8kg

STS60 - Floor mounted- Ball screw 400  - User I/O cable
  • Features

    The Lexium STS robots are industrial manipulative robots, in charge of handling pieces for storage - destocking,palletizing - depalletization, loading - unloading machine tools, handling of test pieces, assembly of parts, etc.

    This robotic solution is developed as an add-on to PacDrive 3, designed to satisfy growing customer demand, for robots as an integral part of machine design, in packaging and handling machinery, focused on Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and Electronics segments.

    The Lexium STS robot offer is used for high speed picking with:

    > four axis SCARA robots

    > up to 100 cycles per minute

    > a max. of 800 mm range (31.50 in.)

    > a payload capacity of up to 8 kg (17.6 lb)

    > a position repeatability (ISO 9283) of ± 0,01 mm ( 0.004 in.)

    > Two types of robots are available distinguished by the mounting : floor standing, or wall mounting, enhancing flexibility and integration of the Lexium STS robot in automation lines

    > Three sizes of arm are available giving up to three ranges of working space:

    - STS40: 400 mm (15.74 in.)

    - STS60: 600 mm (23.62 in.)

    - STS80: 800 mm (31.50 in.)

    > Each size of arm is available with two strokes of ball screw (Ø 25 mm/ 0.98 in.)

    - 200 mm (7,87 in.)

    - 400 mm (15.74 in.)

    > Lexium STS robots are equipped with four motors (one per axis) and the movement transmission mechanisms,

    > Depending on models they are delivered with the following equipment:

    - the user input/ouput cable with six wires to be used on customer's needs (analogue or digital inputs/outputs, 24V power supply, etc.)

    - the ARMIO board for up to 8 digital I/Os and 4 analogue I/Os (this including the user I/O cable):

    - A plastic bellow to protect the ball screw against dust, liquid splashes, is available in two sizes, fitting the two ball screw models

    > System cables: required cables are provided by Schneider Electric: Power cables, Encoder cables, Sercos cables, Digital Input/Output, and CAN bus cable, available in various lengths up to 30 m (98.43 in.)

    > Lexium STS robots are delivered without gripper. Grippers can be ordered by specialist manufacturers.

    > Protection class: IP54

    > Cleanliness class: 6, according to standard ISO 14644-1 (when equipped with bellow)

    > Certification: EC, UL, KCS

    > A specific tool connector is available to modify the fixation of a gripper from circular to square


    With the PacDrive based robotics solution Schneider Electric has integrated robotics in a standard automation solution.  A single, cohesive system with no complex interfaces simplifies the integration:

    > One controller, one program, one operating concept for controlling complete machines and multiple robots

    > Standard PacDrive motion controller of PacDrive LMC Pro or Eco series, servo motors and servo drives of Lexium offer

    > Engineering with standard SoMachine tools for PacDrive, IEC 61131-3 compliant, CoDeSys based programming

    > Software library for path generating, kinematic transformation, blending and interpolation, limiting acceleration, belt tracking and more

    > Support and service from a single source for the entire automation solution


    The PacDrive delta 2, delta 3 ans Lexium STS offer a fully integrated solution for many pick and place applications in the field of packaging and handling. In particular the stainless kinematics are best suited for the food, pharma cosmetics and beverage industrie.

    General machine control 

    Packaging machine automation 

    Material Handling


    • Lexium STS60 backside
    • STS40 - Floor mounted - Ball screw 200 - User I/O cable
    • STS60 - Floor mounted- Ball screw 400  - User I/O cable
    • Lexium STS60 with tool connector
    • STS80 - Wall mounted - Ball screw 400 - Bellow 400 - User I/O cable

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