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ECOFIT™ for Electrical Distribution Networks

Get the most from your aging switchgear and equipment

Modernizing and upgrading your low voltage and medium voltage switchgear equipment does not require destruction of your existing infrastructure. Schneider Electric retrofit modernization combined with proper switchgear maintenance helps you improve the reliability of your installation while achieving higher sustainable performance with ECOFIT™ - a Green Premium™ service"

ECOFIT™  for Electrical Distribution Networks
  • Features

    ECOFIT™: MV and LV switchboard modernization solution.
    Update your switchgear with pre-engineered retrofit solutions for MV and LV circuit breakers, contactors and protection relays.

    Helps you to optimize your assets by extending the service life of your existing electrical equipment, increasing return on investment.


    Reduced interruptions to your business processes
    A retrofit full panel replacement will take between a few minutes and an hour to complete. When considering whether to maintain equipment or replace it,
    facility managers must take into account the initial capital cost, along with potential disruption to the facility’s processes and workflow during the course
    of changing out the equipment. Unless process loads can be rerouted temporarily during the demolition of old equipment and installation of the new switchgear,
    the cost of lost production can be substantial.

    Improved cash flow
    A full retrofit of an industrial site could spread over several years. Often when new equipment is purchased, the on-site physical plant also needs to be
    modified to accommodate the new equipment, which adds to the cost. 

    Reduced risk
    Installing new switchgear involves more cabling (the existing cabling above and below the equipment must be moved). In some cases, cabling may need to be replaced or spliced, which introduces a higher element of risk.

    Peace of Mind
    Pre-tested solutions from established manufacturers provide a high degree of confidence in a retrofit solution. Established players like Schneider Electric have managed thousands of switchgear retrofit projects and have an extensive library of lessons learned. Qualified personnel and up-to-date tools reduce the risk of
    accidents and delays. Accompanying safety improvements and updated warranties also contribute to overall power network peace of mind.

    Retrofit solutions also open the door to enhanced equipment connectivity. This then allows access to more detailed levels of energy management data which enables better monitoring of energy consumption. 

    Less environmental impact
    Since a retrofit solution replaces only a portion of the existing electrical equipment, fewer waste materials need to be processed compared to a complete
    replacement. At the same time, we propose a state-of-the-art end-of-life disposal solution the obsolete SF6 equipment.

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