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C-Bus Automation system

Building automation and energy management made simple

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C-Bus® home and building automation system is commercialized under Clipsal by Schneider electric. It is a powerful, fully integrated system that can control and automate lighting and many other electrical systems and products. Implemented for commercial or residential buildings automation, it brings control, comfort, efficiency and ease of use to its occupants.

C-Bus Home Automation system
    Building Management Systems

    C-Bus Automation system

  • Features

    C-Bus networks enable to control lighting and other electrical services such as pumps, audiovisual devices, motors and blinds. They can be used to control virtually any types of electrical loads, from simple ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit to a variable type control, such as those for LED lights that can be dimmed. The C-Bus network has a number of notable qualities.


    Robust, reliable, flexible & scalable building automation system:

    · Simple to install and commission.

    · Enables multi-unit control with a single cable connection

    · Open protocol enables integration of any 3rd party systems, system can be easily expanded to include most functionalities existing on the market:

    · Interior management (audio-visual, curtain, blind ..)

    · Exterior management (blind management, pool temperature or garden watering depending on weather forecasts, gate or garage door management, security control remotely with mobile devices)

    · Ultimate flexibility in switching and control. Functions can be changed, added, removed, moved, and reconfigured, at any position on the network, at any time, and all without alteration to cumbersome hard-wiring of the electrical loads.

    Comfort & entertainment

    · Scene setting control /automated moments: tailored ambience to match function, mood or occasion.

    · Schedules or automation of routine tasks to control your smart electrical hardware. Each device can be scheduled (individually or in a group with other hardware) so you can turn all on/off within at a push of a single button

    · Lighting control (dimming, LED etc ..)

    · Air conditioning & zone control

    · Multi-room Audio Visual control: play your favourite music in core living and entertaining areas, or right throughout your home!

    · Home theatre automation

    Safety, Security & control through C-Bus enabled partners

    · External lighting on motion sensors detectors

    · Security cameras

    · Keyless entry for occupants

    · Garage door / front gate control

    Energy management:

    The automation controller enables, with the integration of Schneider Electric power management system:

    · Displays for Gas, water, and electricity measurements

    · Monitors daily, monthly, and yearly Energy consumption

    · Stores and analyses data and identifies potential energy savings, increasing home energy efficiency.

    Temperature control:

    · Heating/cooling control: C-Bus system includes thermostats, timers and sensors to monitor blinds, fans, heating or cooling units.

    · Hydronic heating delivers wonderful, warm floors and toasty rails


    Commercial applications

    · Large Buildings:

    o Shopping malls, airports, Concert/ theatre venue: integrated controls for the entire building

    o Hotels, ballrooms, art galleries and museums: architectural lighting control

    o Parking, meeting rooms and general office areas: cost-effective sensor control

    o Warehouses: high bay control for energy cost saving

    · Small and medium buildings:

    o Retail outlets & restaurants: comfort and mood lighting with scenes

    o Boardrooms: lighting and AV control

    Residential applications

    · Individual houses

    · Multi-dwelling housings

    · Vertical housings or flats

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