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SCADAPack 57x

A single smart remote RTU solution

SCADAPack 57x brings together the most important features of the standard SCADAPack and the SCADAPack E into a single Smart RTU solution.

SCADAPack 57x
  • Features

    SCADAPack 570/575: the newest generation of SCADAPack Smart RTUs, bringing together many of the most important features of the standard SCADAPack and the SCADAPack E into a single Smart RTU solution.

    RemoteConnect software: a single software tool for configuration, programming, diagnostics, and commissioning of the SCADAPack 57x range of Smart RTUs.

    SCADAPack 574: provides an alternate I/O combination when compared to the SCADAPack 575, it is the same as the SCADAPack 575 in all other aspects.

    Optional terminal adaptors may be used with this controller to allow for a quick drop-in solution* for replacement of older SCADAPacks.

    6602 HART I/O Expansion Module: provides expansion I/O on the SCADAPack 57x Smart RTUs.

    *Panel space, existing I/O wiring details, I/O counts, and terminal adaptor wiring schema, must be evaluated carefully to verify that the terminal adaptors are suitable for the I/O wiring in the existing panel without modification.


    The key benefits of the SCADAPack 57x Smart RTUs are:

    • Simplicity: RemoteConnect provides a Unity compatible IEC61131-3 logic editor. Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming provides a logic environment that is relatively easy to understand without requiring special programming knowledge, thus reducing dependence on highly skilled resources. Complex Derived Function Blocks (DFBs) may be used to present users with what appears as a ‘simple’ function block, that abstracts the complexities of equipment and associated functionality such as pumps, drives, filters, separators, etc.
    • Leverage Skills, Training, and Logic Code Across Systems: The 57x Logic Editor is Unity Pro compatible, thus enabling integrators and end users to leverage training and skills across both Schneider PLCs, and SCADAPack RTUs. Unity Pro compatibility extends further than that, by allowing complex DFBs to be shared between PLC and RTU logic.  RemoteConnect allows for importation of complex DFBs developed in Unity Pro for re-use within the SCADAPack RTU and vice versa.
    • Cybersecurity: The SCADAPack 57x RTUs have individually addressable Ethernet Ports, IP White-listing, and are tested to meet Achilles level2 communications robustness. The DNP3 level 4 protocol includes optional Secure Authentication (SAv2) which facilitates authentication of critical controls and commands when the SCADAPack 57x RTU is used in conjunction with a suitable SCADA Host or other devices supporting DNP3 SAv2.
    • Longevity: SCADAPack 57x RTUs are the leading edge of the next-generation of SCADAPacks.  They are at the early stages of their product lifecycle, thus providing for SCADA and automation solutions for many years into the future.
    • Wiring Adaptability: SCADAPack 574 provides lower board I/O compatibility with the SCADAPack 334, and with the addition of terminal adaptors, provides the possibility for drop-in replacement minimizing the need, and associated cost, of rewiring many existing RTU panels that incorporate the SCADAPack P1, or the SCADAPack P4.


    SCADAPack 57x include but are not limited to:

    • Oil and Gas:
      • Tank monitoring & automation
      • Well test automation
      • ESD (Emergency shut-down) at well heads
      • Well production and optimization
      • Measurement (future implementation)
    • Water & Wastewater
      • Pump/Lift Stations
      • Leakage detection
      • Equipment monitoring & control
      • Water quality monitoring
      • Irrigation
      • DMA’s (District Metering Areas), PMA’s (Pressure Monitoring Areas)
      • Monitoring flow / level / pressure /and temperature, etc.

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