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EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor

Get smart offices with flexible digital services

Create a responsive workplace of the future with data and digital technology.

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor
  • Features

    EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor is a suite of digital services for building managers to create smart workplaces that optimize use of space, improve comfort and employee experience, enhance productivity, and reduce facility service costs in new or retrofit buildings. Users derive actionable insights through intuitive dashboards that analyze data from IoT sensors and systems. At the same time, employees can find efficient and convenient ways to connect to their workspaces using office mobile apps.

    This solution is flexible and easy to deploy and maintain. Its gateways manage sensors, collect data, and maintain open and secure communication to the cloud. Its IoT network, built on IP communication, enables wireless sensors to securely communicate with the gateway using standard Ethernet connectivity. Real-time data collected through sensors, is analyzed on a secure cloud solution and tracked in dashboards. These curated analytics help customers make smart, data-driven decisions.


    Developed on an open platform; secure and compliant with stringent IT requirements
    Easily navigate custom, browser-based dashboard views by site, building or floor

    Display real-time or historic data on Occupancy & Well-being (People, Flow & Asset data to follow)

    Monitor buildings by location, floor, area type & capacity; monitor comfort index for optimal comfort

    Manage site administrator and user privileges; access key project lifecycle information



    • Maximize space efficiency
    • Reduce facility operating costs
    • Enhance occupant well-being
    • Improve employee experience
    • Fact-based decision-making & reporting
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