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Instrument Area Network

Wireless asset management, condition monitoring and preventative maintenance

Improve operational efficiency, reliability and control costs in a safe and secure manner

Instrument Area Network
  • Features

    Modern Plant Managers and other operations professionals save time and money with a robust condition and preventative maintenance model enabled by wireless Instrument Area Network devices.

    Instrument Area Network from Schneider Electric is an ultra-reliable wireless sensor network that gives you actionable insight into the condition of your high-value assets, so you can best protect and optimize your operation.

    Extend autonomy
    Instrument Area Network is a unique IIoT solution that maximizes battery life and optimizes wireless mesh network data flow. The network of transmitters is enabled with ultra-low-power BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radios that provide increased reach into challenging areas reducing power requirements, extending battery life and reliability.

    Increase flexibility
    Instrument Area Network increases free path communications and installation flexibility by communicating with installed sensors via a hybrid network of WirelessHART on the mesh and BLE in the local transmitter locations.

    Eliminate blind spots
    Unlike other mesh networking solutions, the Instrument Area Network architecture optimizes radio paths, ensuring deterministic data flow through all network nodes.

    You gain:

    • Access to data points that were previously too costly to consider
    • Quick insight into asset health for more timely response and scheduled maintenance
    • Substantial cost savings by implementing a preventative wireless monitoring program
    Gain efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness with Schneider Electric’s Instrument Area Network.


    Robust and Reliable
    Designed by Experience
    • Optimized mesh topologies balance data flow throughout the network
    • 10 years+ battery life provides maintenance-free operations
    • Deploy monitoring points at substantially less cost than a wired system
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