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EcoStruxure™ Clean-in-Place Advisor

Digital quality management solution for clean in place operations

Track & fine tune CIP operations to guarantee food safety, improve traceability, and reduce operating costs.

EcoStruxure™ Clean-in-Place Advisor
  • Features

    EcoStruxure™ Clean-in-Place Advisor is a solution that enables the Digital Transformation of CIP operations. It contributes to the digitalization of Quality Management. 

    • It collects real-time data & provides in smart views all signals and information needed to perform detailed diagnostics of CIP operations
    • It brings tools and features to highlight issues and unefficiencies allowing to identify and prioritize corrective actions for continuous CIP operations improvement
    • It provides a better transparency on CIP process data and analytics to understand what happened (or not) and why it happened
    • CIP operations are therefore better monitored, optimized, providing the level of traceability required by regulation & standards
    • Open : No black box, customer can access data and take actions to further optimize CIP operations
    • Modular solution : Step by step approach, several options for CIP optimization implementation
    • Flexible pricing: pricing based on options selected
    • Unlimited amount of Tags can be monitored
    • Compatible with all kinds of PLC (through OPC server)
    • Compatible with WonderWare (System Platform, Skelta BPM, Smart Glance, Intelligence)
    • Independent platform: Possible link to Power Expert Monitoring (PME) software
    • Instrument independent: Work with different kind of sensors & suppliers
    • Easy to install (on average 3 days on site)
    • Smooth integration with specific hardware instrumentation such as Satron turbidity sensors or Indatech spot 4 lines

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    • Guarantee Food Safety: Following strict hygienic standards and regulatory compliance requirements, and achieve benchmark cleaning quality 
    • Improve Traceability: Document the evidence of proper cleaning. Achieve quick, easy and complete access to entire cleaning data 
    • Reduce cost by saving on water, chemicals and energy


    Food & Beverage

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