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Mobiya Front

Head lamp

Portable, wearable and rechargeable lighting offer with versatile mounting options

Mobiya Front
  • Features

    Mobiya Front is a headlamp which can be conveniently worn and also mounted in varied positions for applications like
    camping, hiking, cooking, reading, cycling, gardening, and much more. It can be conveniently charged by any 5 V USB port.
    The Mobiya Front comes with 2 color lights- Red and White. White light ensures enough light to carry essential activities,
    Red light emits light to see, while at the same keeping your eyes adjusted to the darkness. RED flash (strobe) light is perfect
    while walking and cycling to ensure you are seen during dusk and dark hours. The SOS feature with the white light enables
    communication of distress and attract attention during emergency.


    • White light, red light & red flash
    • Lithium battery
    • Chargeable by 5V DC port
    • Light weight
    • SOS feature
    • CE & RoHS
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