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TeSys B

Contactors to control motors up to 2750 A (900 kW / 400 V)

Part of TeSys

Bar mounted contactors available in pre-defined composition or variable composition from 80 to 2750 A.

TeSys B
  • Features

    TeSys B can work under severe environments with a customer’s specific requests.

    • Electromagnet (control circuit): Large band of voltage choices with/without reduced power consumption
    • Main poles: Numbers of NO or NC poles designed for specific applications
    • Mounting bar: flexible in length and fixing points
    • Auxiliary contacts: N/O and N/C type, with instantaneous and time delay
    • High electrical durability: up to 10 Million operations

    TeSys B offers multiple products to meet the needs of various applications, including:

    High performance applications: CV3B and LC1B range:

    • 9 sizes from 80 A to 2750 A (AC-1); 1800 A (AC-3); 2500 A (DC-5)
    • Operational voltage up to 1000V AC, 440 V DC/pole
    • High inductive loads, high voltage DC circuit
    • Loads at high operating rates: 1200 operating cycles/hour up to 460 A (AC-3)

    Standard performance applications: CV1B range

    • 5 sizes from 80 to 630 A (AC-1), 700 A (AC-3)
    • Operational voltage ≤ 690V AC, 220V DC/pole
    • Resistive loads, transformers, capacitors, low voltage DC circuits etc.

    Specific AC/DC applications up to 2750 A for:

    • Power induction furnaces (CE, CS, CG)
    • Excitation circuits of synchronous machines (CRX, CVX, CWX)
    • Magnetic latching contactors (CR1)
    • Earthling of the power supply rail of tramway (CV1 BKS)


    TeSys B provides high performance, flexibility and reliability

    • High making and breaking capacities up to 2750 A /product installation
    • Robust construction for heavy duty and severe environmental applications
    • High performance up to 10M electric operations
    • Unlimited configurations tailored to customer needs
    • Direct support from specialist to optimize product configurations (sales forces)
    • Easy access for maintenance and inspection (direct visibility to status, repairable for different components)
    • Longevity of product service life, high reparability (40+ years lifetime)


    TeSys B bar mounted contactors can be used for a variety of normal to severe environments for both DC and AC applications, including:

    • DC applications: Railways, tramways, excitation circuit of synchronous machines, electrolysis, photovoltaic application power plants, DC motors, electromagnetic lifting etc.
    • AC applications: Conveyors, induction furnaces, hoisting and material handling, centrifuges etc.

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