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Integral 63

All-in-one motor starter combinations up to 33 kW for AC-3 and 63 A for AC-1

Part of TeSys

With a high rating, up to 63 A, Integral 63 enables total coordination of your motor starter while ensuring high continuity of service.

Integral 63
  • Features

    With a 30-year history of service, the Integral 63 all-in-one motor starter delivers complete and reliable solution to protect and control high power motors.


      • 50 kA breaking capacity with total coordination
      • Available for one-way and two-way (reverse) motors
      • Wide choice of auxiliary contact blocks and signal contact blocks
      • Protection for AC - 43 utilization category:
        • 10 A min to 63 A max
        • Thermal magnetic with fixed mag protection at 15Irmax
        • Magnetic only with adjustable protection from 6 to 12 Irth max
      • Protection for AC - 41 utilization category:
        • 10 A min to 63 A max for thermal setting
        • 3 to 6 Irth max for magnetic setting
      • Time delay and instantaneous for electrical tripping and reset devices
      • Different types of coils are available for control devices
      • Different installation accessories


    Simple, effective and reliable, the Integral 63 has a long history of quality service and performance. The solution provides continuity of service thanks to total coordination.

    • Wide range of applications for motors
    • Variety of accessories for complete function


    The strong history of service and reliability makes Integral 63 all-in-one motor starters suitable for a broad range of standard motor protection applications across multiple industries, including:
    • Infrastructure
    • Building
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Chemistry Food & Beverage
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