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Acti9 iCT

Modular contactors up to 100 A

Part of 9 Series

Fully consistent with the entire Acti9 range, our DIN rail contactors with electrical control help you control electrical circuits in industrial, residential and commercial buildings efficiently

Acti9 iCT
  • Features

    Designed with enhanced protection in mind, the Acti9 iCT DIN rail contactor provides 100 switching operations a day along with a fully flexible combination of auxiliaries, all aimed at making electrical control as straightforward as possible.
    Class-2 insulation: Provides continuous protection for all operators as well as unqualified personnel.
    • Rating:16, 20, 25, 40, 63 and 100 A
    • 1 to 4 poles: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
    • Fully compliant with standards: EN 61095 and CEI 1095
    • Excellent electrical endurance (O-C): 100,000 cycles
    • Provides users with up to 100 switching operations a day
    • 2 versions available with the option to use either standard or manually operated contactors
    • Wide range of flexible optional auxiliaries including: state indication, interference filtering, dual control and time delay
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    Providing users with increased peace of mind, the DIN rail contactor manages to expertly combine flexibility, efficiency, ease of use as well as consistency with the entire Acti9 range.
    • Easy to select and monitor with a 1 to 4 poles wide range fully compliant with DIN standard
    • Peace of mind with the complete modular system
    • Fully flexible auxiliaries combination thanks to an easy to install clip-on system
    • Total consistency with the entire Acti9 range.


    Our modular contactors provide you with everything you need to control and monitor electrical circuits in a wide range of buildings. Using the flexible interface gives you full electrical control with easy switching between the control gear and power circuits.
    • Provides a complete control and monitoring solution for electrical circuits in all industrial, commercial and residential buildings
    • Easily control and monitor single -or three- phase loads up to 100 A
    • Effortlessly interface between the control gear and power circuits for final circuits such as lighting, heating, roller blinds, watering system, ovens, utility motors (ventilation, heat pump), and more.


    • Acti9 iCT 25A contactor 3NO
    • Acti9 iCT DIN rail modular contactor, manually controlled version
    • Acti9 iCT DIN rail modular contactor, 4 poles
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