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Source-changeover system for circuit breakers and switch disconnectors up to 6300 A

Part of Pact Series

Source-changeover system with both manual (MTSE) & automatic (ATSE) transfer switching equipment offered for circuit breakers (Class CB) and switch disconnectors (Class PC)

    Transfer switches


  • Features

    The Transferpact range provides a source-changeover system for your installation.

    General Specifications:

    • Nominal current: 40 to 6300 A
    • Available for the following circuit breakers and switch disconnectors: Masterpact MTZ, Compact NSX, Compact NS, Compact INS/INV

    Manual Transfer Switching Equipment (MTSE) for Class CB

    • Mechanical interlocking through rods, cables or plate
    • A wealth of accessories for interlocking toggles, rotary handles, keylocks with captive keys

    Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment (ATSE) for Class CB

    • Available for two sources:
      • Utility to utility with the basic automatism (BA) controller and the universal automatism (UA) controller
      • Utility to GenSet with the universal automatism (UA) controller
    • Electrical interlocking (IVE) to allow for Break-before-Make thanks to the delay of 250 millisecond
    • Automatism control plate (ACP) to protect the BA/UA controller and control the On/Off circuit breaker function. Controller can be directly mounted on the ACP plate or with cables up to 2 meters.
    For more information, download the Transferpact Source-Changeover Catalog


    Your Transferpact source-changeover system can enable:

    • Continuity of service to ensure energy availability for maintenance and replacement of sources (N or R) with no interruption of service
    • Power source management according to power quality and power costs
    • Optimized energy management by transferring the load to another source according to external requirements (demand/response contract, etc.)

    Quick and simple installation

    • All-in-one solution with Transferpact FXM
    • Connection with plug and play cables
    • Convenient standardized size for the controller in the DIN format (138 x 138 mm)
    • Downstream coupling accessory for easy and faster cabling
    • Online and offline software tools that help to improve efficiency for ordering with MyPact and during your design with Ecoreach

    Flexible system

    • You can install in your switchboard vertically or horizontally
    • Its compact design provides solutions for your chosen ACB and MCCB including Masterpact MTZ,, Compact NSX, Compact NS
    • Possibility to mix the different type of circuit breakers and switch disconnectors

    Personal safety and operational dependability

    • Ensures compliance with international standards IEC 60947-6-1

    Transferpact coupled with our communication devices becomes an EcoStruxure connected product within our EcoStruxure Power architecture.


    For LV electrical installations where safety and continuity of service are critical for people and/or equipment:

    • Commercial and service sector (operating rooms in hospitals, safety systems for buildings, computer rooms for banks and insurance companies, lighting and emergency lighting systems in malls, etc.)
    • Industry (assembly lines, engine rooms on ships, critical auxiliaries in thermal power stations, etc.)
    • Infrastructure (port and railway installations, runway lighting systems, control systems on military sites, etc.)

    An excellent choice for all standard applications, including:

    • Buildings and infrastructure with the need for continuity of service and cost optimization: offices, small and medium-sized businesses


    • Compact NSX source changeover
    • Interpact source changeover

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