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Fluair F400

36 kV Air-Insulated Metalclad Switchgear Vacuum / SF6

Part of Set Series

36 kV Medium voltage switchgear: withdrawable roll-on floor circuit-breakers

Fluair F400
  • Features

    • The F400 range offers a full choice of perfectly adaptable, pre-designed functional units
    • The F400 offer is composed of:
    - F400 Vacuum which covers all performances up to 36kV - 2500A - 31.5 kA/3s
    - F400 SF6 which covers all performances up to 36/40.5 kV - 2500/1250A - 40 kA/3s // 31.5 kA/3s
    • The F400 range, in association with Sepam digital control units, is designed to interface with new or existing supervision systems
    • Technology:  Vacuum and SF6
    • Standard: IEC
    • Rated voltage: 36 kV (Vacuum) / up to 40.5kV (SF6)
    • Busbar system: Single
    • Rated current busbar: Up to 2500A
    • Rated operational current:  Up to 2500A
    • Rated peak withstand current: 31.5kA (Vacuum) / 40kA (SF6) 
    • Internal Arc Classification: AFLR 25kA/1s – 31.5kA/0.5s(Vacuum) ,25kA/1s - 31.5kA/0,5s - 40kA/ 0,15s(SF6)
    • Loss of service continuity: LSC 2B
    • Partition class: PM


    Improved continuity of service

    Its design ensures an excellent level of reliability. Network diagnosis and maintenance have a reduced impact on power distribution. Universal symbols, position indicators and mechanical and electrical interlocks guide the operator, thus ensuring incorrect operations are avoided


    The F400 range is present on all electrical distribution markets

    • Energy: HV/MV substations, MV/MV substations
    • Infrastructure: hospital, airports, subways
    • Industries: oil, cement, mine
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