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Oil and Gas Operations Intelligence

Layered Applications for OASyS DNA SCADA


Oil and Gas Operations Intelligence
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        Data Communication Infrastructure between Operations and Field Devices
        GDI provides high performance, accurate collection of measurement-related data from flow computers, online chromatographs and other sources.
            No single vendor manufactures all of the field equipment needed to meet your many monitoring needs. As selections were made while your monitoring needs grew, you now have devices requiring multiple configurations, data formats and communications protocols.

        How do you manage the flow of this disparate data - with a limited budget and minimal personnel — to accurately monitor gas values and maximize your bottom line?

        Gas Device Interface (GDI) creates the essential link between the enterprise and their diverse collection of field devices. These modules include:
        • Gas Protocol Translator - Configured to communicate with most field devices and present data in a common format
        • Measurement History Upload - Converts volumetric and gas composition data into common units and data types
        • Event and Alarm Upload - Gathers event and alarm log data from field devices
        • Configuration Upload and Download - Remotely configures devices and verifies configuration parameters
        • Host/Field Synchronization - Verification tool to ensure field and host have identical configurations
        • Gas Quality Management - Confirmation tool ensuring gas quality records are applied to correct measurement devices to guarantee accuracy
        Precisely manage your data flow
        • Field Device Agnostic - Eliminate the challenges and discrepancies involved in collecting measurement data from multiple pipelines that uses varied gas measurement device.
        • Ensure gas quality records and device configurations are downloaded correctly allowing real-time measurement of the energy content and value of flowing gas.
        • Data collection from measurement devices along gas pipelines

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