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Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitters and Radar solutions for Level measurement

Radar and Buoyancy Transmitters that provide level measurement solutions in a variety of process applications.

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        AE214MT228A full selection of Alarm Units, Universal EX- Barrier, Buffer Amplifiers as well as Fittings and Adapters for almost all types of field devices in the process.


        Foxboro Accessories will help to meet configuration requirements based on the devices you already own.


      • Oil and Gas
      • Storage tank indication
      • Petrochemical processing
      • Industries where isolation between hazardous and non hazardous wiring is required.

    Documents and Downloads (10)

    Process Instrumentation for the Chemical Industry (Version 1.0) 3/1/15 English FD-BR-003.pdf1.3 MB
    Specification guide
    AE214 Field Indicator PSS (Version 1.0) 3/1/14 English FD-PSS-L-08-EN.pdf316.2 KB
    AE214 Feldanzeiger (Version 1.0) 3/1/14 German FD-PSS-L-08-DE.pdf318 KB
    Instruction sheet
    AE214 Field Indicator (Version 1.0) 12/1/07 English FD-MI-L-003-EN.pdf657.3 KB
    AE214 Recommendations pour la sécurité (Version 1.0) 12/1/07 French FD-SAFETY-005-FR.pdf103.7 KB
    AE214 Feldanzeiger (Version 1.0) 12/1/07 German FD-MI-L-003-DE.pdf703.2 KB
    AE214 Sicherheitstechnische Betriebsanleitung (Version 1.0) 12/1/07 German FD-SAFETY-005-DE.pdf77.3 KB
    AE214 Периферийный индикатор (Version 1.0) 12/1/07 Russian FD-MI-L-003-RU.pdf697.7 KB
    Declaration of conformity
    AE214 ATEX, FM Certificate (Version 1.0) 9/1/08 German,  English FD-DECLA-L-012.pdf1.3 MB
    AE214 Manufacturer's declaration Zone 22 (Version 1.0) 2/9/05 German,  English FD-DECLA-L-013.pdf75.6 KB
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