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Foxboro SCADA Software

Software packages for SCADA remote communications in demanding applications

Foxboro SCADA and IASCADA are advanced, world-class software packages that help provide SCADA remote communications in the most demanding applications. SCADA supports the EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS process automation system, while IASCADA connects to virtually any such system in use today.

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Foxboro SCADA Software
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Foxboro SCADA Software

      • Overview
        Foxboro® IASCADA is a world-class software application designed to enable SCADA remote site communications in the most demanding applications. It provides a scalable, secure, cost-effective operational solution for virtually any process automation system or device in use today on UNIX® platforms.

        The software’s SCADA system components are arranged redundantly to support very high availability applications. Real-time object distribution and management provide object-level redundancy, as well as load sharing, in the master station. Redundant components may include front-end processor (FEP), database, calculation, history, communications, network and workstation elements.

        IASCADA provides an open-systems-based, real-time control environment for the integrated enterprise. Standard interfaces provide low-risk connectivity for high-level industry applications and enterprise-wide integrated solutions.

        • Reduce engineering
        • Cut costs
        • Simplify industry solutions
        • Enable scalability
        • Provide remote access

        • Oil and gas midstream SCADA
        • Multi-Utilities
        • Unixsystem

        - Program’s modularity and distributed nature allow system capacity to grow with the enterprise
        - IASCADA can scale from a single-workstation installation to large, high-performance enterprise systems

        User interaction
        - Users enjoy “operate from anywhere” network connectivity to SCADA database
        - Each remote station has same HMI functions as IASCADAmaster station
        - Operators can visualize data from a wide range of graphic displays, in multiple enhanced virtualized HMI domains
        - Operators can navigate to/from each graphic
        - Supervisory control is managed directly from observed display via presentation of all relevant information
        - Data can be represented by multiple specialized dynamic foreground objects

        Data management and application development
        - Users can archive history data on Oracle Solaris zones
        - An object interface library (OIL) of the application programming interface helps integrates OEM process applications, user-developed application packages and real-time data interfaces using C/C++ programming language
        - Program enables open database connectivity (ODBC) to enterprise databases for corporate data exchange and personal computer desktop applications access using Structured query language (SQL)

        Maintenance and support
        - SCADA process monitor module runs in each UNIX workstation to supervise and report on SCADA subsystems in each machine
        - Advanced support provided via Schneider Electric’s continuously current support, along with multi-control center support capability

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