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Schneider Electric BRH0574P10A2A Image


Schneider Electric BRH0574P10A2A Image

AC servo motors BRH - 1.86 N.m - 6000 rpm - keyed shaft - without brake - IP41

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  • Main
    product or component type
    Motion servo motors
    component name
    continuous stall torque
    1.3 N.m
    peak stall torque
    4.73 N.m for LXM05AD17F1
    4.73 N.m for LXM05AD17M2
    4.73 N.m for LXM05AD17M3X
    4.73 N.m for LXM05BD17F1
    4.73 N.m for LXM05BD17M2
    4.73 N.m for LXM05BD17M3X
    4.73 N.m for LXM05CD17F1
    4.73 N.m for LXM05CD17M2
    4.73 N.m for LXM05CD17M3X
    4.9 N.m for LXM05AD22N4
    4.9 N.m for LXM05BD22N4
    4.9 N.m for LXM05CD22N4
    nominal output power
    190 W for LXM05AD17F1
    190 W for LXM05BD17F1
    190 W for LXM05CD17F1
    510 W for LXM05AD17M2
    510 W for LXM05AD17M3X
    510 W for LXM05BD17M2
    510 W for LXM05BD17M3X
    510 W for LXM05CD17M2
    510 W for LXM05CD17M3X
    630 W for LXM05AD22N4
    630 W for LXM05BD22N4
    630 W for LXM05CD22N4
    nominal speed
    1500 rpm for LXM05AD17F1
    1500 rpm for LXM05BD17F1
    1500 rpm for LXM05CD17F1
    4500 rpm for LXM05AD17M2
    4500 rpm for LXM05AD17M3X
    4500 rpm for LXM05BD17M2
    4500 rpm for LXM05BD17M3X
    4500 rpm for LXM05CD17M2
    4500 rpm for LXM05CD17M3X
    6000 rpm for LXM05AD22N4
    6000 rpm for LXM05BD22N4
    6000 rpm for LXM05CD22N4
    maximum mechanical speed
    8000 rpm
    product compatibility
    LXM05AD17F1 at 115 V single phase
    LXM05AD17M2 at 230 V single phase
    LXM05AD17M3X at 230 V 3 phases
    LXM05AD22N4 at 400/480 V 3 phases
    LXM05BD17F1 at 115 V single phase
    LXM05BD17M2 at 230 V single phase
    LXM05BD17M3X at 230 V 3 phases
    LXM05BD22N4 at 400/480 V 3 phases
    LXM05CD17F1 at 115 V single phase
    LXM05CD17M2 at 230 V single phase
    LXM05CD17M3X at 230 V 3 phases
    LXM05CD22N4 at 400/480 V 3 phases
    shaft end
    IP degree of protection
    encoder type
    Single turn SinCos Hiperface
    speed feedback resolution
    16384 points/turn
    holding brake
    mounting support
    International standard flange
    electrical connection
    Rotatable right-angled connectors
    nominal torque
    1 N.m for LXM05AD22N4
    1 N.m for LXM05BD22N4
    1 N.m for LXM05CD22N4
    1.08 N.m for LXM05AD17M2
    1.08 N.m for LXM05AD17M3X
    1.08 N.m for LXM05BD17M2
    1.08 N.m for LXM05BD17M3X
    1.08 N.m for LXM05CD17M2
    1.08 N.m for LXM05CD17M3X
    1.22 N.m for LXM05AD17F1
    1.22 N.m for LXM05BD17F1
    1.22 N.m for LXM05CD17F1
    number of poles
    maximum radial force Fr
    100 N at 6000 rpm
    101 N at 5000 rpm
    103 N at 4000 rpm
    106 N at 3000 rpm
    112 N at 2000 rpm
    152 N at 1000 rpm
    range compatibility
    Lexium 05
    switching frequency
    8 kHz
    maximum current Irms
    11 A for LXM05AD17F1
    11 A for LXM05AD17M2
    11 A for LXM05AD17M3X
    11 A for LXM05BD17F1
    11 A for LXM05BD17M2
    11 A for LXM05BD17M3X
    11 A for LXM05CD17F1
    11 A for LXM05CD17M2
    11 A for LXM05CD17M3X
    11.35 A for LXM05AD22N4
    11.35 A for LXM05BD22N4
    11.35 A for LXM05CD22N4
    torque constant
    0.46 N.m/A at 120 °C
    back emf constant
    29.3 V/krpm at 120 °C
    rotor inertia
    0.42 kg.cm² with brake
    0.42 kg.cm² without brake
    stator resistance
    4.3 Ohm
    stator inductance
    9 mH
    maximum axial force Fa
    0.2 x Fr
    net weight
    2 kg
    Contractual warranty
    18 months
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