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View all   MiCOM P821
Schneider Electric P821------2--- Image


Schneider Electric P821------2--- Image

MiCOM P821 - Breaker failure protection relay - 20 TE - Standard display

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  • Main
    range of product
    MiCOM P821
    device short name
    relay application
    Breaker failure
    protection type
    3-pole breaker
    Breaker failure ANSI code: 50BF
    Overvoltage ANSI code: 59
    Underfrequency ANSI code: 81L
    Earth fault ANSI code: 50G/51G
    Directional earth fault ANSI code: 67N
    Undervoltage ANSI code: 27
    Negative sequence/unbalance ANSI code: 46
    Overfluxing (V/Hz) ANSI code: 24
    Directional phase overcurrent ANSI code: 67
    Overcurrent ANSI code: 50/51
    Restricted earth fault ANSI code: 64REF
    Thermal overload protection ANSI code: 49RMS
    Two-winding transformer differential ANSI code: 87T
    Overfrequency ANSI code: 81O
    number of inputs
    4 current input CT...X/5 A and X/1 A
    5 discrete
    4 analog
    1.4 voltage
    number of outputs
    9 discrete
    4 analog
    communication port protocol
    IEC 60870-5-103
    Modbus RTU
    [Us] rated supply voltage
    24...250 V DC 19.2…300 V
    48...250 V DC 38.4…300 V
    48...240 V AC 38.4…264 V
    network and machine diagnosis type
    Fault recording
    Event recording
    Disturbance recording15 s
    switchgear diagnosis type
    CT supervision ANSI code: CTS
    VT supervision ANSI code: VTS
    display type
    Backlit LCD: 2 lines of 16 characters
    discrete input voltage
    24...250 V DC 19.2 V standard variant
    48...250 V AC 19.2 V standard variant
    48...250 V DC 105 V further option
    48...250 V DC 77 V further option
    48...250 V DC 154 V further option
    48...240 V AC 105 V further option
    48...240 V AC 77 V further option
    48...240 V AC 154 V further option
    communication port support
    177 mm total:
    157.5 mm embedded:
    103 mm
    270 mm total:
    240 mm embedded:
    device mounting
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