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Schneider Electric PIXEASYFDFR Image


Schneider Electric PIXEASYFDFR Image

PIX Easy with Floor Rolling EasyPact EXE circuit breaker up to 17.5kV, 2500A, 31.5 kA – Feeder

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  • Main
    range of product
    PIX Easy
    product or component type
    Feeder cubicle
    loss of service continuity category
    circuit breaker name
    Easypact EXE VCB
    network frequency
    50/60 Hz
    [Ur] Rated voltage
    12 kV
    17.5 kV
    [Ud] Insulation voltage power frequency
    28 kV 50/60 Hz 1 min
    38 kV 50/60 Hz 1 min
    [Up] Insulation voltage lightning impulse withstand
    75 kV peak
    95 kV peak
    bus rated current
    800 A
    1250 A
    2000 A
    2500 A
    peak current
    65 kA
    82 kA
    [Ir] Rated current
    800 A
    1250 A
    2000 A
    2500 A
    [Ik] Short time withstand current
    25 kA for 3 s
    31.5 kA for 3 s
    internal arc classification
    Internal arc class AFLR
    internal arc protection
    31.5 kA 1 s
    electrical connection
    Cable - 1 x 630...6 x 630 mm²single core per phase
    Cable - 1 x 300...3 x 300 mm²three core per phase
    product weight
    800 kg
    1200 kg
    2600 mm
    2800 mm
    600 mm
    800 mm
    1650 mm
    2150 mm
    IEC 62271-200
    type of installation
    Indoor installation
    technology type
    Air insulated switchgear
    additional device type
    Relay MiCOM
    Power meter Eon
    Power meter PowerLogic PM200
    Relay SEPAM
    Relay Easergy P3
    Power meter PowerLogic PM800
    Thermal sensor TH110 optional
    environmental monitoring
    Yes CL110 (optional)
    arc fault detector option
    Yes - vamp (ordered separately)
    product destination
    Magelis HMI SMD without motor for remote withdrawability
    market segment
    Energy and infrastructure
    signalling function
    Voltage indication VPIS V2
    IP degree of protection
    ambient air temperature for operation
    -5…40 °C
    operating altitude
    <= 1000 m
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