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    Three ways to drive profitable reliability

    Combine profitable efficiency with real-time reliability control to optimize your operational profitability.

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    ArcelorMittal success story

    EcoStruxure™ helps ensure process reliability and steel quality.

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    1. Define your strategy DSC_8308-410x230

    Developing a profitable reliability strategy might seem daunting, but some fairly simple steps can help move industrial operations in the right direction…

    If the ultimate objective is for both maintenance and operations to maximize operational profitability, approaching reliability, efficiency and profitability from a common strategic plan is essential.

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    2. Invest in IIoT 5361561-410x230

    Using a predictive asset analytics solution in support of a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) strategy can lead to the identification of issues that may not have been found otherwise. According to research by ARC Advisory Group, only 18% of asset failures increased with use or age. This means that preventive maintenance alone is not enough to avoid the other 82 percent of asset failures, and a more advanced approach is required…

    With the emergence and growth of advanced digital technology – driven by the Industrial Internet of Things – the ability to recoup full, measurable ROI is there, if the right technology is applied.

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    3. Change maintenance plans   523217535-410x230

    Each of these advancements leads to an increase in asset reliability. But even as advanced tools were being applied to improve asset reliability, process control too became continually more sophisticated, fighting reliability improvements every step of the way… 

    Industrial assets are pushed harder and harder, affecting the overall performance of the operation. To counter that, industrial maintenance strategies have progressed. Reactive maintenance has been expanded to preventive maintenance, then to predictive maintenance and finally to prescriptive maintenance.

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    We innovate at every level to drive profitable reliability