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    Valuable data. Powerful insights.

    EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor provides BASF with an articulate view of its operations. Now, the chemicals giant can monitor asset health like never before.

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    EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

    Schneider Electric IIoT-enabled services like EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor, are ready to be integrated. Industries like Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, and Mining, Minerals, & Metals can access a clear, connected view of asset health.

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    BASF: Customer Story Key Figures

    • 63 assets remotely monitored for analysis
    • 100+ variables measured and computed
    • 24/7 access to data asset health
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    Learn new ways to optimize key electrical assets

    What is the real TCO of your electrical assets? And, what are the untapped rewards? This white paper examines new strategies for distribution equipment upkeep and IoT connectivity. Learn more on safety, uptime, power optimization, equipment protection, and upgrades. Explore now
    • Digitization that lends a deeper view

      When BASF built a new electrical substation, they implemented EcoStruxure Asset Advisor for increased visibility into operations. The largest chemical company in the world now has a digital dashboard and the expert support needed to monitor critical-asset status.

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    The Challenge

    • BASF wanted to build a new power distribution substation at its Beaumont, Texas plant.
    • BASF sought to be an industry leader in leveraging data-driven services to maximize plant uptime and productivity.
    • A single, IIoT-enabled solution was put in place, providing visibility on the health of the site's prime electrical-distribution assets.
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    The Solution

    Insights and digitization with EcoStruxure solutions

    Apps, Analytics & Services: EcoStruxure Asset Advisor 
    Edge Control: Power Monitor Expert 
    Connected Products: Low- and medium-voltage switchgear, TeSys™ motor control systems, UPS units, DC battery, and variable frequency drives 

    • Schneider Electric helped build Substation 6, adding low- and medium-voltage switchgear, motor control systems, UPS units, variable frequency drives, and more.
    • BASF implemented Asset Advisor to continuously collect and analyze data on the health of these assets.
    • Through its partnership with the Schneider Electric Services Bureau, BASF gets customized advice and proactive recommendations to prevent failure and optimize maintenance strategies.
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    The Results

    • Over 100 variables get measured and computed through Asset Advisor to provide accurate and reliable condition-monitoring for the Beaumont plant.
    • BASF can now monitor “the pulse” of its new substation assets through their customer dashboard that provides a global health index and specific asset status.
    • EcoStruxure Asset Advisor enables more predictable asset performance, helping BASF to prevent catastrophic failures, improve plant safety and increase operational efficiency.
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    "EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is helping prevent catastrophic failures. It's getting the right data at the right time. And in the end, data is value."

    Lee Perry, Electrical Design Engineer for BASF