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    Increased reliability for drug production

    In Switzerland, thanks to Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure™ Power platform, UCB Farchim has completely digitized its power supply to remotely monitor and control its installations.

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    Reliable protection against power outages

    UCB Farchim reduces power outages and prevents millions in losses with EcoStruxure Power.

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    UCB Farchim: Customer Story Key Figures

    • Default Alternative Text 500 million Swiss francs invested in technology
    • Default Alternative Text 2 billion pills produced annually
    • Default Alternative Text Time and money saved up to 30% to 35%
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    Digitize your power distribution

    Discover how you can bring critical power distribution out of the dark thanks to EcoStruxure Power. Download white paper
    • EcoStruxure Power enables a reliable future at UCB Farchim

      UCB Farchim is pursuing digital transformation by upgrading its power supply with innovative and reliable EcoStruxure Power solutions.

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    Learn how your business can achieve success with EcoStruxure Power: Innovation at Every Level.
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    The Challenge

    • UCB Farchim produces around two billion pills annually to help improve the lives of people suffering from neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, but also from autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn´s disease.

    • A single power failure, even of short duration, would stop the manufacturing process, resulting in significant additional costs for the company.

    • To date, UCB Farchim has invested around 600 million Swiss francs in the site based in Bulle, Switzerland both for the construction and installation of innovative, state-of-the-art industrial equipment.
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    The Solution

    Edge Control: Magelis, EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 
    Connected Products: SM6-24 medium voltage switchgear, Medium voltage Trihal transformer, MasterPact MTZ low voltage switchgear, Prisma low voltage power distribution system, Easergy TH110 wireless thermal sensors, Easergy CL110 wireless environmental sensors, Sepam protection relay  

    • To prevent a power outage, UCB Farchim has fully digitized the power supply at the Bulle site, both at low and medium voltage levels.

    • The company benefited from the support of new connected products and software from EcoStruxure Power, Schneider Electric's IoT-compatible system platform.

    • Schneider Electric's existing equipment at the customer's site has been upgraded directly on site, while new equipment has been delivered already connected. This connectivity is provided by wireless sensors that continuously measure warm-ups, temperatures and air humidity at critical points in the installation. This smart data is then collected and centralized.

    • Connected in this way, the equipment detects potential abnormal operating conditions, which makes it possible to quickly identify and analyze electrical disturbances on site or remotely. As soon as a deviation from the standard is detected, the people responsible are alerted in real time. UCB can therefore act early in the process in a targeted way and thus guarantee a continuous supply of electricity.
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    The Results

    • Thanks to EcoStruxure Power, UCB Farchim monitors and controls its installations remotely, which ensures greater transparency and reliability. In this way, the company saves time and money in the order of 30% to 35% on the maintenance and operation of its installations.

    • All data is simultaneously gathered in a single energy management tool: EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert. This tool connects data from the high and low voltage networks and allows both real-time analysis and evaluation of existing data.

    • Schneider Electric’s solution enables UCB to analyze unusual peak loads. There have been cases where voltage drops or micro-breaks have led to the failure of some devices. EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert allowed the company to take appropriate countermeasures and, thanks to the digital power supply, avoid production failures that could lead to significant financial losses.
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    “To prevent a power outage, we have completely digitized our power supply with EcoStruxure Power from Schneider Electric. This saves us time and money in the maintenance and operation of our installations – in the range of 30% to 35 %.”

    Roland Francey, Head of Power Supply Installations, UCB Farchim, Bulle